The Cutting Jar – Simple Scissor Skills Practice for the Classroom

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I love, love, love this simple, but effective cutting activity to strengthen fine motor skills and I have just the thing to turn your kids into scissor EXPERTS! The Cutting Jar is a resource that I use with my students in the classroom all year long for simple scissor skills practice. I know your Pre-K and Kindergarten students will love it too!

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The Cutting Jar is a quick and effective activity for scissor skills practice in Pre-K and Kindergarten!

Simple Scissor Skills Practice

The Cutting Jar is a fantastic resource for quick scissor skills practice without taking much time in your day! Students simply grab a strip of paper and cut along the lines into the jar. Collect the cut scraps of paper in a jar and see how long it takes to fill it up. Your kids will love having a goal they can work toward together!

To begin using this cutting activity in your own classroom you could start by gathering some scrap paper and drawing lines for students to cut. OR, you could grab this AMAZING resource pack that takes almost all the prep work out of it!

What’s Included?

  • Directions for making your own jar
  • Cutting Jar label
  • How to introduce the activity and management tips
  • Ready-to-go printable cutting strips for ALL stages and progressions (13 total!)

The only other supplies you need for this activity are a jar or tub and some scissors. Using a clear container is fun because the kiddos can see how full the jar is getting, but anything will work!

For this scissor skills activity, grab the Cutting Jar label, printable cutting strips, scissors, and a jar!

How do I use it in the classroom?

The Cutting Jar is designed for Preschool – Kindergarten classrooms to be used for three specific purposes:

  • A skill-building exercise tool
  • A classroom management tool
  • A super simple assessment tool

I really like to use this cutting activity first thing in the morning, when the children walk in the door. After they put their backpacks away, they grab a strip of paper and cut away before heading to their seat. This works out great because you only have a few students using the materials at a time.

But you could use it at any time of the day!

After the students cut the strips, we collect the cut scraps of paper in the jar and see how long it takes us to fill it up.

Options for Differentiation

Fine motor skills grow and develop over time with practice, so how do you keep this activity changing and challenging throughout the year? Start with really thick lines for students to cut (or no lines at all).

Then, as students master cutting on these lines, provide thinner lines. Once they’ve mastered thin lines, they can move on to curvy lines. Cutting strips for ALL stages and progressions are included in the pack!

As we progress in the year and kiddos are at different levels of motor skill development, I often put the strip of paper I want each child to work on in their cubby. That way, students can be working on the same scissor skills practice but at a level that will help them be successful.

This resource pack includes ready-to-go printable cutting strips for ALL stages and progressions.

We used the Cutting Jar every morning in both my TK and Kindergarten classrooms, and countless other teachers have taken the leap too and noticed an improvement in their students’ ability to use scissors efficiently!

Grab Your Pack Today!

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The Cutting Jar - Simple Scissor Skills Practice for the Classroom


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