Sight Word Hole Punch Activity

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I am always on the lookout for activities that strengthen multiple skills and provide lots of learning fun. The answer? Hole punch activities! I created this free Sight Word Hole Punch Activity and it has quickly become a favorite among our literacy activities. These hole punch printables are low-prep and help to strengthen fine motor skills while practicing sight word recognition.

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This free Sight Word Hole Punch Activity is perfect for practicing sight words while also strengthening fine motor skills in Kindergarten!

Sight Word Hole Punch Activity

Since my daughter is ready to start exploring sight words and she loves using office supplies (just like her mama), I knew she would love this Sight Word Hole Punch Activity. It’s perfect for helping her with word recognition but also provides great fine motor skills practice as she grasps and squeezes the hole punch.

Each page of this printable pack has four strips. Each strip focuses on a different Dolch Pre-Primer word as well as a word bank with additional random Dolch Pre-Primer sight words.

This activity is perfect for helping with sight words but also provides great fine motor skills practice as kids grasp and squeeze the hole punch.


To begin, first gather your materials:

Now you’re ready to get started! Check out some of my favorite ways to use these sight word hole punch strips below.

Single Use Independent Activity

Since I printed this activity for my daughter to use, we went with the single use route. She loves the hole punch. I cut each strip out and gave my daughter the stack.

We used both the large circle punch (can be found in the scrapbook section at craft stores) and also the single hole punch. She liked using both, but I liked that the large circle punch covered most of the word when it punched out. Also, when she turned the punch over, she could see the sight word inside the hole of the punch. That was a neat aspect.

I love that my daughter can do this activity with me by her side or on her own. When we worked on it together, I asked her to sound out the words or at least state what the letters were and then repeat me as I said the word.

Kids can read the sight word and hole punch the matching words in the sight word bank on each strip.

Reusable Center Activity

If using this sight word activity in your literacy centers, start by printing out the strips and laminating them before cutting. Give your students the strips and a set of small manipulatives, reusable stickers, or dry erase markers.

Instead of hole punching the matching sight words on the strip, the students will place a manipulative/sticker over the matching word or circle it with a dry erase marker since the strips are laminated and can be easily erased.

Picking up the small manipulative, peeling off stickers, and writing with the markers are all great fine motor skills practice!

Laminate the sight word strips and kids can circle the matching sight words using a dry erase marker.

The download has Dolch Pre-Primer words, ready to play! There is also a blank page if you want to print it out and handwrite in additional sight words, work on names, numbers, or anything you like!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to start practicing sight words while strengthening fine motor skills? Grab this free Sight Word Hole Punch Activity by clicking the large, yellow download button below!

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