Sentence Editing Strips

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How do your students soak in new information? I love finding fun and interactive ways to help them remember their capitalization and punctuation rules. Learning new things can sometimes be daunting for kids – especially in early elementary. One of the many ways I try to help kids learn correct punctuation and capitalization is using sentence editing strips. They LOVE to read the sentence and get a chance to ‘mark’ and edit the sentence just like the teacher would!

These sentence editing strips are perfect for early elementary students to work on capitalization and punctuation in a fun, hands on way!

Sentence Editing Strips

There are plenty of ways to practice capitalization and punctuation, and here’s one idea I use all the time:

Get the students to sit in a circle and split them in two groups (red and green). Then, write a sentence on the board with errors. A student from each group has a go at naming an error. If they name it correctly – they get one point (use a tally mark counter on the side of the board). If they make a mistake, they lose a point from their team, and so on. Keep going with as many sentences as you think they can handle, and give a fun incentive to the winning team! This idea can be adapted to other concepts too.

These strips are so easy to use! To prepare these, you will need:

  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • A copy of the sentence editing strips (below)
  • A copy of uppercase letter cards (below)
  • A copy of punctuation cards (below)
  • Dry erase markers
  • Wet wipes

Once prepared, the strips can be used over and over again. They can be placed in a plastic sleeve or envelope during literacy stations.

These sentence editing strips are perfect for early elementary students to work on capitalization and punctuation in a fun, hands on way!

Before getting the students get to start editing the strips, you could go over the capitalization and punctuation rules with a poster (or draw one of your own) as a whole group.

Instruct the students to read the sentence on each strip first. They then look at all the words and letters and try to ‘fix’ the capitalization / punctuation mistakes. The strips are divided and a key ‘capitalization’ or ‘punctuation’ guide is shown on each strip.

A blank page is also included so that you could add your own sentences, or perhaps add sentences where the students can edit and fix both capitalization and punctuation mistakes.

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Yara is an ESL teacher from Sydney, Australia with a passion for making learning fun and engaging. She loves creating fun activities that children and learners can benefit from, and she shares them often on her blog, Sea of Knowledge.

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