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Ask Your School for Funding

Ask Your School for Funding

The Kindergarten Connection accepts Purchase Orders and has successfully partnered with many schools to help teachers access our trainings. If you would like to ask your school for funding or reimbursement, we have put together admin packets for each of our offerings. They will provide you with information and a request letter to give your administrator so that they have all the information needed to make a confident decision. Select your needed admin packet below.

Print and Play Club Membership

With access to hundreds of centers and resources, a vault of digital games and readers, a Lesson Lab with video lessons for group instruction, and community support, a membership to the Print and Play Club is the perfect addition to your planning and prep.

Playful Learning All Year (P.L.A.Y.) Course

Learn an entire framework of practical and evidence-informed ways to foster a playful learning environment that will pair with any curriculum. You will have lifetime access to this 5 module training to reference throughout the school year.

The Classroom Reset

Say hello to The Classroom Reset! Your “Netflix” of strategies, tools, and tips to make your classroom the best early learning environment it can be. Get help on demand, anytime with our growing library of videos and tools that answer your specific classroom management questions.

Additional Admin Packets for Challenges and Mini-Courses:


Do you want to experience a year full of PLAY? Learn how to create a playful and developmentally appropriate classroom with this Path to Play LIVE Training (hosted live each summer)!

Get ready to say goodbye to classroom management struggles. Let me help you ensure that your classroom is able to run smoothly all year long with our 5 Ways to Reset Your Classroom challenge!


This Supercharge Your Circle Time course is perfect to take any time of the year. The strategies and resources are easy to implement and can make a difference in your Circle Time right away!

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to get centers running smoothly. In this Supercharge Your Centers course, I walk you through the exact system I use in my classroom: free-flowing centers!

Looking for quotes on consulting or specific training topics for your school?
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Learn how to create a PLAYFUL classroom with our LIVE Path to Play Training.  You’ll leave feeling excited and ready to go for next school year so you can enjoy every minute of summer break!