Robot Sums of 10 Puzzles

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Learning to add and subtract is an important part of building up number sense in the primary grades. There are many strategies and techniques that kids learn along the way to help them further develop their number sense, and one of them is to quickly know their sums of 10. Being able to quickly make a 10 is a foundational concept in early mathematics and will help students greatly as they move further along in math concepts. We make it fun through engaging songs about 10, games, activities, and engaging printables like these robot sums of 10 puzzles!

Make learning sums of 10 super fun with these engaging free printable robot sums of 10 puzzles! They are a great addition math center for kids!

Robot Sums of 10 Puzzles

Prepping these sums of 10 math puzzles for our math center bins was super easy.

I just printed them out, laminated them, and cut each set in half on the solid lines.

These puzzles are self-correcting, meaning that each pair has a different line and will only fit together when paired up correctly!

This is great for helping kids really learn their sums of 10, as when they try pairs they will not be able to just randomly put pieces together, but rather only the correct matches will work.

So, even if they are having a hard time and just trying to find the ones that fit by the piece style instead of the numbers, their brain will still be seeing the right pairs and giving them exposure to the matches of 10. That’s a win in my book!

Make learning sums of 10 super fun with these engaging free printable robot sums of 10 puzzles! They are a great addition math center for kids!

My kids are pretty familiar with puzzles as we use them a lot, so I was able to explain the directions and set this up in a bin, checking in with a few kids at a time if needed.

Some kids had different strategies, including looking for matches they knew right away (5+5, 10+0, 9+1) sort of like the process of elimination, where others just had all the pieces spread out around them and pulled pieces at random, thinking and looking for their pairs.

No matter how they chose to go about it, they were practicing their sums of 10, and I heard some “bee boop, beeps” of the robot sound effects, too!

Make learning sums of 10 super fun with these engaging free printable robot sums of 10 puzzles! They are a great addition math center for kids!

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