Reading Response Printables for Pre-K & Kindergarten

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We read a ton of books in Pre-K and Kindergarten! Sometimes we read just for fun, but other times, I want to extend the story and have my students respond to the book in some way. So I created these free Reading Response Printables that my students love. They are the perfect print-and-go option if you are looking for a quick and effective way to add even more engagement to your classroom read alouds!

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These FREE Reading Response Printables are a quick and effective way to add even more engagement to your read alouds in Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Reading Response Printables for Pre-K & Kindergarten

These story response recording sheets were designed to work with ANY story so you can choose to use them any time and even multiple times a year. This makes them a fantastic way to see your students’ growth throughout the year!

This download includes 2 printables to choose from. You can have your students make their very own cover or retell the story. How you choose to have your students demonstrate their learning is up to you!

“If I Made the Cover…”

For this first printable, the focus is drawing and coloring but students do get some writing practice by copying the title of the book. The kids LOVE getting to illustrate their own covers for their favorite stories!

Some students may copy the real cover of the book while others may decide to make their own original covers showing their favorite characters or parts of the story. Both options are great ways for students to show off their growing artistic skills!

The "If I Made the Cover" printable allows students to draw their own covers to their favorite books.

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Want to really celebrate their hard work? Create a classroom bulletin board display. Print the “If I Made the Cover…” printable on cardstock and provide some new or “special” coloring tools like Pip-Squeaks markers or twistable crayons to add even more excitement and motivation for students to do their BEST work!

“I Can Retell a Story!”

Early in the year, on the story retelling printable we start by just drawing and coloring pictures about the story or of any specific part of the book. Later on, I often find that there may be kids that are also ready to write a sentence about the story in addition to drawing a picture.

Another option for students that may not be ready for sentences but are ready for more than only drawing is to have them label the characters with their names!

Since these reading response printables can be used in so many different ways, they are perfect for differentiation and making sure that all of your students are successful!

The "I Can Retell a Story!"printable is a great way for students to show you what they remember about the book.

Now it’s time to choose your favorite story to read with your kiddos, pick the printable you would like to use (or use both!), and you’re ready to go!

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Reading Response Printables for Pre-K & Kindergarten

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