Rainy “R” Consonant Blends Activity

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Do you teach consonant blends? Do you teach them in a fun way? Blends are consonant sounds, usually 2 or 3, that are verbalized together to easily roll off the tongue. You can still hear each individual sound, unlike a digraph where a new sound is produced. Use this free Rainy “R” Consonant Blends Activity to make learning blends engaging and interactive!

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Use this free Rainy "R" Consonant Blends Activity in your literacy centers or small groups to make learning blends engaging and interactive!

Rainy “R” Consonant Blends Activity

“R blends” simply refer to blends that have an “r” after a consonant. There are 6 common ones: “cr,” “fr,” “br,” “gr,” “dr,” and “pr.” You will find these blends printed on the clouds that you will cut out and on the recording sheet.

To prep this activity, print the pages on cardstock and laminate them for durability. Then cut out the clouds and raindrop letters. I like to use this blends activity for either guided practice in small groups or independent practice in our literacy centers.

This activity comes with an "R" Consonant Blends recording sheet.

Guided Practice

In small groups, I like to scramble a few raindrop letters and then have the students unscramble them to find the word working with the blend in the cloud (you will need to have a few words up your sleeve in preparation for this activity).

Phoneme manipulation (the ability to swap out sounds in a word) can also be addressed here. For example, if the blend in the cloud is “dr” (drink) and we swap the cloud to “br,” what would the word be now? “Brink.”

You can also work on identifying nonsense vs. real words: “‘Brink’ makes sense but ‘frink’ is a nonsense word.” Readers need to be able to distinguish between words that make sense and words that do not make sense to read accurately.

Students use the letter raindrops to build words with "r" consonant blends.

Independent Practice

In our literacy centers, students discover the “r” blends using the clouds and raindrop letters to fill in the recording sheet with words that make sense. See how many you can find!

This is recommended for students that need a challenge and are familiar with basic word building (a knowledge of how to use vowels and consonants).

Teacher Tip: To make this activity reusable, slip the recording sheet into a dry erase pocket sleeve and give students dry erase markers to write with.

Kids can build fun words like "frog" on the "r" consonant blends mats.

How to Use the Recording Sheet

Use the recording sheet as a visual “mind map” for all “r” blend words. You can fill in more as you come across any during the day.

For example, do your students know what “pry” means? This activity is an excellent way to extend vocabulary!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Are you ready to have fun learning “r” blends? Get your free copy of the Rainy “R” Consonant Blends Activity by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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