Rainbow Fish Craft

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With summer on the horizon I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to read one of our favorite books and introduce a fun Rainbow Fish craft. It’s so simple to do and allows children the opportunity to be creative. I love seeing how all of their creations turn out!

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This rainbow fish craft is the perfect companion to the beloved book "The Rainbow Fish." It is so bright and colorful - kids love it!

Rainbow Fish Craft

The Rainbow Fish, written by Marcus Pfister, is a beloved children’s book about an adorable fish and his friendship journey.  It teaches children what it means to be a true friend in giving of yourself to others.

Each time I do this craft there are always so many different variations of our friend, Rainbow Fish – it truly is my favorite part, seeing how they all turn out.

Gather up just a few supplies and grab the Rainbow Fish Craft FREE Printable (below).  You’ll find so much joy in sharing this wonderful craft with the children in your life.

Grab some tissue paper, glue sticks and our free printable for some Rainbow Fish craft fun!


After you’ve read the story to your children and they’ve fallen in love with Rainbow Fish, they won’t be able to contain themselves when you share the Rainbow Fish Craft with them!

Making the Rainbow Fish Craft

It’s important to choose a heavy paper or cardstock when printing your Rainbow Fish Craft template.  This way the weight of the tissue paper and craft decor is supported by a strong paper base.  We decided to go with a blue cardstock since Rainbow Fish is mostly blue.  The kids also said it looks more like he’s in the water!

This free Rainbow Fish craft printable will make creating your masterpieces a breeze!

Once you’ve cut out your Rainbow Fish, apply a generous amount of glue to a small section of his scales before placing the tissue paper squares onto his body.  Quickly cover the glue with colored tissue paper squares.  Repeat until his body is fully covered with beautiful tissue paper squares.

Cut out your rainbow fish and begin gluing tissue paper scales wherever you choose.

I really enjoyed watching the children take their own creative spin on this craft!  They opened up the book for some inspiration and got right to work making a beautiful masterpiece!

Children can use the pictures from the book as inspiration for their rainbow fish craft.

Once Rainbow Fish is decorated to your child’s liking, then add the final touch…his shiny scales!  We cut squares out of metallic paper.  This was definitely the highlight of this craft!

Once Rainbow Fish is decorated to your child's liking, then add the final touch...his shiny scales!

I am in LOVE with the outcome and their creativity!  Some chose to roll the tissue paper into balls, while others laid them flat.  They also used crayons to add more depth and color to Rainbow Fish.  I thought it was brilliant when they decided to give Rainbow Fish a home with a beautiful ocean backdrop!

Rainbow Fish is sure to win the hearts of your little ones and inspire some creativity. These make a great classroom or hallway display (though your kids will likely beg to take them home!).

Grab Your Free Printable

Ready to start crafting? Grab the free Rainbow Fish Craft printable by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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  1. The Rainbow Fish story inspired craft, it’s super easy and such a fun craft for kids! Thank you so much!

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