Pumpkin Emergent Reader

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In October we read a ton of pumpkin books in the classroom, but I also love to have books for my students to be able to take home with them for at-home practice with high-frequency words, word families, and more. This free Pumpkin Easy Reader is one I love making with my class. They also love when they get to color the book and keep it as their own!

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Work on reading number words and building early reading skills this fall with this fun and free Pumpkin Emergent Reader!

Pumpkin Easy Reader

This “Pumpkin Count” easy reader is great for beginning readers because it focuses on counting, number recognition, number words 1-10, as well as the high-frequency words I and have.

Preparing the book is easy! Simply print it double sided, cut in half, and staple. Printing one set gives you two books!

I am all about books that I can quickly make and get into my kids’ hands, and I love the books that require a quick cut down the middle and that’s it!

The students can color the cover of the pumpkin emergent reader to make it their own.

It is also set up in a predictive pattern with repetitive sentences, which helps all readers feel successful! This is great for students who are not yet decoding or able to blend sounds into words.

It provides students with practice by connecting familiar words and phrases to print, since students will know what comes next and will get the “pattern” of the story. It is also a great way for students to practice tracking print!

This pumpkin emergent reader is also a great way for students to practice tracking print!

This book has an additional way for the kids to practice their number words by tracing the word as well. They can see the number itself and count the pumpkins, but by tracing the word after reading the sentence, they are getting even more practice with reading it in written form.

Plus, coloring the fun pumpkin pictures is great practice for fine motor skills and the kids are so proud to show off their final work!

Coloring the fun pumpkin pictures is great practice for fine motor skills.

BONUS Pumpkin Song!

Songs are powerful AND super fun too! That’s why we want to share with you one of our favorite pumpkin songs for October.

This is a simple song about pumpkins and is sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot.” We love quick and easy songs that we can sing together at Circle Time!

Check out the video to hear our pumpkin song in action. You will definitely want to sing it with your students this fall!

I’m a little pumpkin

small and round.

Growing right up from the ground.

Will you pick me?

What do you say?

Carve me a face for

Halloween Day!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to start counting and reading? Get your free copy of the Pumpkin Easy Reader by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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Pumpkin Emergent Reader

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