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Pumpkin Alphabet Match


My classroom is currently having pumpkin fever! We are reading pumpkin books and doing all sorts of fun, themed activities for fall. A big part of our learning right now is letters and sounds (we are learning to read, after all!), and I try to keep this fun for my students through engaging games like this free Pumpkin Alphabet Match!

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Work on letters and sounds in a fun, seasonal way with this free Pumpkin Alphabet Match for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Pumpkin Alphabet Match

I love when we can work on important skills while incorporating a fun seasonal twist to them. This pumpkin-themed alphabet matching game does just that!

To prep this activity, I printed out the pumpkin letter cards. I laminated the cards to keep them sturdy since we will use them multiple times. Then, I printed enough of the recording sheets for each student to play.

Students pull an uppercase pumpkin card and find the lowercase pumpkin on the recording sheet.

How to Play

This game is great for your students to play independently, with a partner, or even in a small group (they can share the cards in the middle). We often use this game in groups of 2-3 to save on lamination and ink. We share the pumpkin cards, but everyone gets their own recording sheet.

To play the game, first, pick a pumpkin card and name the uppercase letter. Then, find its matching lowercase letter in the “pumpkin patch” on the recording sheet. Color it in.

Continue “picking pumpkins” and matching them up until you have matched them all!

When students find the matching letter they color it in on the recording sheet.

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Teacher Tip: To save paper and make this activity reusable, insert the recording sheet into a sheet protector or dry erase pocket sleeve. Kids can color the pumpkins with dry erase markers or cover them with real pumpkin seeds! They could also use simple cubes or counters.

Students can also use manipulatives like pumpkin seeds to cover the pumpkin alphabet match on the recording sheet.

You can also work on the letter sounds by having students pair up the letters and also say their sounds!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to start matching letters? Get your free copy of the Pumpkin Alphabet Match by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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  1. Another awesome, fun activity that my students will LOVE! I find my students benefiting so much from your activities/ resources!!! Thank you so much!!!

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