Pumpkin Alphabet Activity

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Fall is here and we are embracing all things “pumpkin!” I try not to rush it, but it is definitely my favorite time for seasonal crafts and themed activities with the kids. The best part about this pumpkin activity is that the possibilities are endless. My daughter is working on letter and sound recognition, so this dry-erase Pumpkin Alphabet Activity was perfect!

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This Pumpkin Alphabet Activity is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten and with some simple supplies you can have it ready in an instant!

Pumpkin Alphabet Activity

This literacy activity is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten and with some simple supplies or items you probably have on hand, you can have it ready in an instant. Just grab a pumpkin and let’s get started!

Supplies Needed:

Bonus Tip: A larger pumpkin would be better for sight words or spelling words but the smaller pumpkin was perfect for practicing letters!

Grab a pumpkin, dry erase marker, and an eraser for a fun literacy activity.


I wanted my daughter to identify the letter A and its sound, so I wrote a variety of capital letters all over the pumpkin with a dry erase marker.

She was able to search and erase each of the capital letter A’s and tell me what sound it made.

Once she had erased all of the capital A’s, I decided to add a few lowercase letters and have her erase the lowercase a’s as well.

At first, I gave her a letter tile as a visual of a capital and lowercase letter “A” to help her. It was the perfect hands-on way to practice letter recognition and sound identification!

I wrote letters on the pumpkin and had my daughter identify and erase all of the letter A's.

Extension Activities

Last year, we did a similar activity with shapes. I traced foam shapes with a dry erase marker and had my daughter match the shapes to their outline like a little puzzle.

You can also write sight words on the pumpkin and have your child or student find each one as you name them.

For spelling words, you can write each word on the pumpkin multiple times with a different letter missing on each one. Your child or student can use the dry erase marker to fill in the blanks to practice spelling.

Simple math equations can be written on the pumpkin with the sum missing for each one.

For a younger child, you can write a few different names on the pumpkin and have them circle their own name every time they see it!

At first, I gave her a letter tile as a visual of a lowercase letter "A" to help her.

We can’t wait to try a few more of these ideas during pumpkin season! We hope you have a blast building those skills while being festive!

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