Write the Room Writing Center Activities for the Year


Looking for engaging writing activities for your classroom? This pack includes 30 themed writing centers for the ENTIRE YEAR!

Designed with both Pre-K and Kindergarten in mind, these themed Write It! Write the Room Writing Center Activities are perfect to get kids labeling, writing, and creating!

This HUGE bundle contains all you need for a year of engaging write the room and writing center activities (30 themes total!). Save 50% by purchasing this bundle!

Each themed pack includes 5 activities to build fun and engaging writing routines.

With easy-to-follow activities that are fun to complete, you can give directions for these writing centers early in the year, and then they can run themselves!

The following themes are included:

Each themed pack is 28 pages long and includes the following activities:

***8 Word Cards (in color and black and white) – cut and laminate these cards. You may want 2 sets printed depending on how many students will be using them at once. These cards will be used for most of the activities.

Write It! Strips – cut and laminate these cards. Provide a dry erase marker for kids to write the words on (using the word cards for help).

*You can also print the black and white copies and print them back to back as additional recording sheets.

Write It! Worksheet – Use as a recording sheet for the center, where the kids can copy the words onto the sheet. You can also use as a “Write the Room” option by hanging the word cards around and having the kids go and find/copy them down.

Trace and Paste – Work on writing and cutting too! Kids trace the words and then cut/paste their matching picture next to them (using the word cards to help them if needed).

Write It! Book – Print the book double-sided, cut in half, and staple to instantly have 2 copies! Leave at the center for kids to label the pictures (using the word cards provided). When they are finished labeling they color the pictures.

*For an extra challenge, try having them label the book without the word cards, using phonetic spelling.

Writing Prompts – Print and provide copies of the writing prompts for kids to write stories about. For example, on the page with a rainbow, they may write “I saw a pretty rainbow today outside.” using phonetic spelling with the exception of the word “rainbow”, which is provided for them. ***There is also a writing book option with a cover. Print them back to back with the cover and they have a themed writing book!

The size of this file is very large, therefore, you will be downloading it from Dropbox. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to the Writing Centers Year Long Bundle. This resource can then be downloaded to your computer from Dropbox. Be sure you are able to access and use Dropbox prior to purchasing this bundle!

The link to the bundle may not be shared and is meant just for you and your classroom- please contact me at if you have questions about fair use or extra licenses.

What educators are saying:

My students loved to write the room during centers! These were included regularly because my students were highly engaged.
— Valerie K.

I have struggled with getting my students to write / want to write / try to write and even choosing to visit the writing center … this is definitely a change for them … they love it!!! Can’t wait till next year when I start using this in September!! Thanks for sharing!!!
— Mary Anne T.

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