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  • Write It! Circus Write the Room Writing Center Activities


    Looking for engaging writing activities for your classroom? This pack is for you!

    Designed with both Pre-K and Kindergarten in mind, these Circus Write the Room Writing Center Activities are perfect to get kids labeling, writing, and creating!

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    This pack is filled with engaging write the room and writing center activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten students with a circus theme!

    The pack is 28 pages long and includes 5 easy-to-follow writing activities that are fun to complete!


    8 Word Cards (in color and black and white) – cut and laminate these cards. You may want 2 sets printed depending on how many students will be using them at once. These cards will be used for most of the activities.

    *Words included in this set: elephant, ringmaster, tent, lion, cannon, cotton candy, ring toss, clown

    Write It! Strips – cut and laminate these cards. Provide a dry erase marker for kids to write the words on (using the word cards for help).

    *You can also print the black and white copies and print them back to back as additional recording sheets.

    Write It! Worksheet – Use as a recording sheet for the center, where the kids can copy the words onto the sheet. You can also use as a “Write the Room” option by hanging the word cards around and having the kids go and find/copy them down.

    Trace and Paste – Work on writing and cutting too! Kids trace the words and then cut/paste their matching picture next to them (using the word cards to help them if needed).

    Write It! Book – Print the book double-sided, cut in half, and staple to instantly have 2 copies! Leave at the center for kids to label the pictures (using the word cards provided). When they are finished labeling they color the pictures.

    *For an extra challenge, try having them label the book without the word cards, using phonetic spelling.

    Writing Prompts – Print and provide copies of the writing prompts for kids to write stories about. For example, on the page with an elephant, they may write, “I saw a big elephant.” They will use phonetic spelling with the exception of the word “elephant,” which is provided for them. ***There is also a writing book option with a cover. Print them back to back with the cover and they have a themed writing book!

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