Sentence Sorters – Back to School


This resource pack contains 20 sentence sorters/scrambled sentences for the beginning of school!

These cut and glue sentences are perfect for beginning readers and writers as they work on reading and developing beginning sentence structure.

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This pack is fantastic for small group work, morning work, homework, classwork, and more. It provides a fun way to strengthen beginning sentence skills!

When done in a small group or with assistance, these sentences provide helpful practice for early readers in distinguishing between what is a letter and what is a word, as well as an introduction to punctuation.

This pack contains a back to school/early fall theme (school items, apples, etc.)

Each page contains a simple sentence using high-frequency words from the Dolch pre-primer and primer lists, along with picture word help for the vocabulary or additional word in the sentence.

Students cut out the scrambled sentence and put it in order using their knowledge of capitals at the beginning and punctuation at the end. They then glue the sentence in order in the box. After reading and gluing the sentence, they write the sentence on the handwriting lines and color the picture.

Some sample sentences from this pack:

  • I see a yellow pencil.
  • Do you have the glue?
  • The little crayon is green.
  • Plus many more – 20 sentence sorters total!

⭐SAVE BIG with the Year-Long Bundle

What educators are saying:

These are great for helping young students (EL or otherwise) learn syntax, practice writing skills and letter formation, as well as punctuation. I used these with my Transitional kinders last year.
— Trudy M.

Great sentence building practice for young learners!
— Amber M.

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