Follow Along Fun – Following Directions Activities


Are you wanting to build up skills with your Kindergarten students on following directions? Specifically following oral directions?

This pack of listening activities for step-by-step directions is just what you need! They are simple prep, engaging, and provide meaningful practice.

With vocabulary like biggest, smallest, larger, smaller, next to, etc. these following directions activities work on important Pre-K and Kindergarten skills!

Inside are 10 follow along fun sheets and 10 direction sheets:

  • 2 summer
  • 2 back to school
  • 2 fall
  • 2 winter
  • 2 spring

The direction sheets are separate from the student sheets, making these following directions activities perfect for young ones, as there are less distractions and no reading is required.

Use them in small groups or as a whole class activity. They are also wonderful for substitute plans!

You can decide to use as many or as few of the oral directions given. You can even change them up to best fit your class, depending on what your students can handle or need.

What educators are saying:

These are awesome for developing listening skills, building vocabulary, and allowing students to practice following directions in a low-pressure way. Fantastic!
— Haley F.

Such a great resource for students to help with developing sequencing skills, receptive language, and fine motor skills in a fun, quick way that produces a product that they can take pride in.
— Amanda G.

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