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  • Back to School Print – That’s It! Kindergarten Math and Literacy Printables


    Looking for no-prep printables, simple morning work, worksheets, or take-home activities for Back to School season? This pack is it!

    Perfect for Kindergarten, you simply print – and that’s it!

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    This pack contains the following printables and skills for August and September:

    • I Can Write my Name – Name writing practice.
    • Letters in my Name – Color the apples that have a letter that is in your name.
    • Letter Trace Uppercase – Roll the dice, trace the letters in that row.
    • Letter Trace Lowercase – Roll the dice, trace the letters in that row.
    • Number Trace – Roll the dice, trace the numbers in that row.
    • Roll and Color Shapes – Roll the dice, name and color the shapes in that row.
    • Count and Write – Count the items in each row and write how many. (sets to 10)
    • Spin, Read, and Color (7 pages, each letter represented and common reversals like b and d are reviewed on the final page) Using a paperclip and a pencil, spin the spinner and read the letter. Find and color an apple with that letter.
    • Alphabet Apples (6 pages- each letter represented and common reversals reviewed on the final page) Cut and glue the lowercase apples above their matching uppercase baskets.
    • Apple Trees (2 pages) Read the numbers on the tree trunks. Draw that many apples on the tree.
    • Apple Patterns – Color the apples in the patterns shown. (AB, ABB, AAB, ABC)
    • School Supply Sounds – Cut, sort, and glue the glue bottles by their beginning sound. (3 pages – Mm, Ss, Rr, Tt, Pp, Cc)
    • Ten Frame Stories – Read the numbers on the books. Fill in the ten frames to match.
    • Count the Dots – Count the dots on each ten frame. Write the total on the glue bottle.
    • Rhymes For Lunch (2 pages) – Cut out the sandwiches (apples on 2nd page) and glue onto the lunch bag only if they rhyme with the picture shown.
    • Order the Pencils – Cut out the pencils and glue them on the boxes in number order 1-10.
    • Color by Number – Use the code to color the crayons. (#1-5)
    • Color by Number – Use the code to color the books. (#6-10)
    • Count the Seeds – Count the seeds in each apple. Write the number to show how many.
    • Draw the Seeds – Read the number in the box. Draw that many seeds on the apple.
    • Missing Letters Uppercase – Fill in the missing uppercase letters on the books.
    • Missing Letters Lowercase – Fill in the missing lowercase letters on the books.
    • Color the Crayons – Read the color words and color the crayons.
    • Easy Reader – “School” Contains seasonal themes. Simply print 2-sided, cut in half, and staple! This book is for very early readers and contains one word/label per page to show school items.

    Save BIG with the BUNDLE of monthly packs!

    What educators are saying:

    I used these activities at the beginning of the school year to help my students learn how to do learning centers. Great resources for kinders that are just starting school.
    — Julie T.

    Great item for the beginning of the year & first quarter for my Kinder students! Cute worksheets and ideas!
    — Christina S.

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