Printable Winter Measurement Activity

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Measurement can be a tricky skill to teach in Pre-K and Kindergarten. But it can be made easier with hands-on and engaging activities like this free printable Winter Measurement Activity. It’s a ton of fun and the perfect way to work on measuring skills, counting, and number sense with your early learners!

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Add some seasonal winter fun into your math centers with this free printable Winter Measurement Activity for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Printable Winter Measurement Activity

This printable measurement activity doesn’t get any easier to prep. Just download and print the winter picture cards and Winter Measurement recording sheet. Then grab some scissors and a pencil or other fun writing tool. That’s it – you now have an engaging and interactive math center ready to go!

If using this activity in your math centers where it will get a lot of use, I recommend laminating the picture cards for durability.

Print the printable and grab some scissors and a pencil for an interactive math center that's ready to go.

Instead of using a ruler, kiddos will measure the winter items on the cards with the super cute snowball measuring tape that’s included. They can just cut off the measuring tape and they have all they need to get started – no ruler needed!

The snowball measuring tape is much easier to use than a traditional ruler. This makes it perfect for working on early measuring skills!

Students will use the snowball measuring tape to measure the winter items on the cards.

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How to Play

Once this measurement activity is prepped, your students can start by cutting the snowball measuring tape off of the bottom of the page.

Next, they pick a picture card. Then they use the measuring tape to count how many snowballs long or tall the winter item is. After measuring the winter items on each card, students will write their answers on the recording sheet.

While your kids measure the winter items, they will be working on measuring skills AND fine motor skills. It takes a lot of practice to line up a measuring tool to get an exact measurement!

After measuring the winter items, the kids will write the answers on the recording sheet.

Why stop there? Your students can measure anything with their snowball measuring tape! Have the kids continue exploring measurement by measuring manipulatives or objects at home or in the classroom!

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Printable Winter Measurement Activity

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