Printable Nouns Activities

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My daughter came home from school singing a silly song with one line saying, “Person, place, or thing is a noun.” I asked her what she was singing because I was surprised she was learning about nouns already. She clarified that she wasn’t totally sure what it meant, but that she had learned that song earlier that day at school. This was my cue to create these fun and free Printable Nouns Activities to teach her!

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These free Printable Nouns Activities include 4 printables perfect for Kindergarten or 1st grade small groups and literacy centers!

Printable Nouns Activities

Nouns are key to building a sentence and learning the parts of a sentence is a great thing for kindergartners or first graders to learn. These 4 printable activities will help kids with the classification of nouns.

These activities make fabulous center or morning work activities! Kids will only need some coloring tools and a pencil. We did not laminate the printables but you could easily do so to preserve the activity and use dry erase markers to color and write.

After these activities, kids will have a better understanding of what a noun is and how to point it out in a sentence.

Person, Place, or Thing?

On the first printable, kids are asked to color the pictures based on whether it is classified as a person, place, or thing. We used markers but any red, blue, and yellow coloring tool will work perfectly!

If you are short on time, you could have the kids just circle the objects in the specific color.

On the first printable, kids color the pictures based on whether it is classified as a person, place, or thing.

Circle the Noun

The second printable has a list of sentences. Some words may be difficult for kids to read, but most words are simple sight words.

Kids can read the sentence, or you can read it to them, and they will circle the noun. This is a quick, easy, and effective activity for identifying nouns.

On the second printable, kids read the sentence and circle the noun.

Think of a Noun

The third printable is a list of all of the letters in the alphabet. The point is for the kids to think of a noun that starts with each letter.

This could be done as a group, which would be fun, or individually. Kids may need help spelling the words, but this is also a great time to have the kids try and sound out and write the words as they think they are spelled.

The third printable is a list of all of the letters in the alphabet and kids can think of a noun that starts with each letter.

Draw a Noun

The last printable is perfect for little artists! It has three separate boxes for a person, place, and thing.

Kids can draw one of each that is in their life or something that comes to mind. This is a fun invitation for the kids to be creative!

The last printable has three separate boxes for kids to draw a person, place, and thing.

Your students will have a blast classifying nouns with these simple and fun Printable Nouns Activities!

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Printable Nouns Activities

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