Penguin Punctuation Activity

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When my daughter came home from school with her Kindergarten homework that was all about punctuation, I got tears in my eyes. I knew she would be learning beginning sounds and sight words, but punctuation? I wasn’t ready for that. It may sound so silly but it’s sentence structure, it’s knowing how to write. It’s “big-kid” learning, isn’t it? Well, she had a hard time at first, so I wanted to create another activity that could help her practice. So I created this super fun and free Penguin Punctuation Activity!

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Review punctuation skills this winter with this fun and free Penguin Punctuation Activity. It's perfect for Kindergarten and 1st grade!

Penguin Punctuation Activity

Punctuation is so important because these simple marks are what make a sentence what it is. My daughter learned the basics of punctuation at school but I could tell that she needed more practice. These penguin punctuation printables are meant to provide that extra practice for kids.

I created these sentences, including many words from her sight word list in hopes that completing the activity would give her the practice she needs.

To use this activity, I simply printed the penguin punctuation printables and we used crayon to fill in the blanks.

How to Use the Punctuation Printables

To use this activity, I simply printed the penguin punctuation pages. We used crayons but any writing utensil would be sufficient. Skinny markers and colored pencils also add some extra fun to these printables!

If you would like to be able to reuse the printables they can easily be laminated or put in dry erase pocket sleeves and used with dry erase markers.

Depending on the reading abilities of your students, these pages will likely need to be completed in a small group with assistance and are designed for that purpose.

Each printable has 7 simple sentences missing the ending puntuation.

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My daughter hasn’t mastered every sight word yet so I helped her read through each sentence. After she read each word, if she wasn’t sure which punctuation mark was the correct answer, I helped by repeating the sentence with the correct inflection.

When she understood the sentence, she filled in the correct punctuation mark on the line and we moved on to the next sentence.

We really enjoyed this activity. We had quite a few laughs when I overemphasized the inflection. I wanted her to really understand how inflection worked, and apparently, it is hilarious.

Fun Tip: To make this activity more hands-on, you could start by hiding punctuation cards in a sensory bin. When the cards are found kids could match them to the correct sentences.

Students can choose from a question mark, exclamation point, or period to complete the sentence.

However you choose to use the punctuation printables, they will provide a simple and fun punctuation review this winter!

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Penguin Punctuation Activity

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