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Pencil Alphabet Match


Summertime is in full swing, but if you are a teacher then you know that preparations have already begun to kick off a new school year! I’m all about simple, low-prep, meaningful activities that I can do with my kids and this uppercase and lowercase pencil alphabet match activity is just that. It is a fun way to work on letter recognition with Pre-K and Kindergarten students for anytime of the year, but especially those first few weeks of the school!

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Grab our FREE Pencil Alphabet Match Activity and add it to your literacy centers for Back to School season or anytime of the school year!

Pencil Alphabet Match Activity

This fun, hands-on activity includes 26 capital and lowercase letter cards and a printable recording sheet.

To prep, simply print, laminate, and cut out each of the alphabet cards. That’s it!

How to Play

Before handing a huge pile of letter cards to your child to play with, consider starting with a small group of letters first. This will allow your child to master the concept of the alphabet match activity without getting overwhelmed and frustrated.

As the child matches cards, add in more letter cards or switch out the letter cards being used.

To prep, simply print, laminate, and cut out each of the alphabet cards. That's it!

Children will match the capital and lowercase letter cards together. As they do so, they can then use their recording sheet and trace the letters they just matched.

Print a recording sheet for each student. Or print just one and place it in a dry erase pocket sleeve. The students can use dry erase markers to save on copies to make this reusable. This is perfect if you are using this alphabet match activity in a literacy center!

Once students have found a letter match, they can trace the letters on the recording sheet.

Extension Activities

  1. Play an alphabet matching game with the cards. Choose the letters you want to match and flip them over so the picture side is facing down. Children will take turns turning over the cards to form matches.
  2. Fill a tray with sand or salt and use the letter cards to practice writing the letters in the sand.
  3. Use dry erase markers to trace the letters on the cards.
  4. Place the letter cards around the room. Children will go on a letter hunt and when they find a letter card they can trace the letter on their recording sheet.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready for some letter matching fun? Grab this FREE Pencil Alphabet Match Activity by clicking on the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable


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