Patriotic Star Wand Craft

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Do you celebrate the 4th of July by attending a patriotic event such as a parade or fireworks display? My family celebrates with a day-long barbecue that ends with a fireworks display on the pond. The kids love getting into the spirit of the 4th by making seasonal crafts and decorations. This year we decided to make a Patriotic Star Wand Craft!

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This patriotic star wand craft is the perfect activity for the 4th of July or any patriotic holiday! Your kids will love it!

Patriotic Star Wand Craft

With any arts and crafts project, I try to have my whole workstation set up with all the materials I will need before getting the kids involved. This helps to make sure when we are working they will have exactly what they need when they need it!

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed include paint, craft sticks, glitter glue, star garland, hot glue, and straws.

Steps to make the Star Wand:

  • Gather all materials.
  • Prepare a paint plate with red, white, and blue paint and three paint brushes.
  • Have your child paint 5 craft sticks – 2 red, 2 blue, and 1 white.
  • Leave the craft sticks to dry for a few hours.
  • Have your child pick how they want to arrange the sticks to make a star.
  • Hot glue the sticks together (if you have an older child and a low-temperature glue gun they could do this step themselves).
  • Allow to cool briefly.
  • Trace the shape of the star on blue construction paper to create a backing (optional).
  • Hot glue the backing on the craft stick star – trim as needed so it doesn’t hang over the edges (optional).
  • Hot glue the handle onto the backing. Allow to cool completely.
  • Cut three lengths of the star garland (or ribbon) roughly 1-foot long.
  • Adhere the star garland (or ribbon) with hot glue – hold down until the glue sets.
  • When all pieces are assembled have your child use glitter glue to decorate the front of the craft stick star.
  • Allow the glitter glue to sit until completely dry.
Begin by painting the craft sticks red white and blue and kids can later decorate them with glitter glue.

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Additional ways to create a Patriotic Star Wand:

  • Use markers to color the craft sticks instead of paint (this would eliminate the need for drying time).
  • Use regular school glue or tacky glue – you would just have to wait longer for the glue to dry in between steps to continue.
  • Make a wand without a backing.
  • Use craft foam for the backing.
  • Use red, white, and blue ribbon instead of the star garland.
  • Use regular glue and glitter instead of glitter glue.
The glitter glue adds some fun sparkle to the patriotic star wand craft!

My daughter was very happy to help make these wands. She has already said we will need to make more so all of her cousins will have one to wave on the 4th of July!

*Guest Post by Shannon of Crafty Mama in ME

Shannon is a stay-at-home mom to two children, a dog, and a bunny. She shares her love of seasonal activities, crafting, baking, Disney, and family travel at Crafty Mama in ME.

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