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Outer Space Word Search


A lot of kids are fascinated by outer space, and it’s easy to see why. I am often fascinated by it as well! There is so much to learn and discover. Our first introduction to space is often through outer space read alouds and learning the names of the planets, the sun, moon, and stars. A great way to build up this vocabulary is to have a little fun with this free Outer Space Word Search!

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Search for the planets and more with this fun and free Outer Space Word Search for kids! It's perfect for early readers!

Word searches are a great way to build vocabulary and practice letter and word discrimination skills (they take some intense concentration sometimes!). But often word searches can be too hard for early readers if the words go in too many directions.

The words in this word search only go from left to right or vertically. This makes it a good fit for beginners. It has a bit of a challenge to it, but kids can still feel a sense of accomplishment!

The words in this word search only go from left to right or vertically (top to bottom).

Getting ready to tackle this activity doesn’t get much easier – simply print out enough copies of the word search (download below) and give each student a pencil for circling.

Teacher Tip: Add an extra layer of fun by giving students fun writing tools like crayons, skinny markers, or highlighters to circle the words!

Add an extra layer of fun by giving students fun writing tools like crayons and highlighters to circle the words!

My kids love word searches, and the outer space theme was definitely a hit!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to hunt for outer space words? Get your free copy of the Outer Space Word Search by clicking the large, yellow download button below!

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