Ocean Animal Vocabulary Cards

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The ocean is truly a place of wonder. Kids are often excited to learn about animals that live in our oceans as many of the creatures are simply fascinating! While kids often know the names of ocean animals such as whales, dolphins, turtles, etc., they may not know the names of many others. Build up your students’ vocabulary and pique their interest with these 20 engaging and free Ocean Animal Vocabulary Cards!

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Learn about ocean animals and build up vocabulary with these free Ocean Animal Vocabulary Cards for Kindergarten!

Ocean Animal Vocabulary Cards

To prepare the vocabulary cards, I simply print and laminate them. After cutting them apart, I like to use them in my pocket chart in the classroom so I want them to stay sturdy for a long while.

I use these cards to promote interest and discussion with my students about ocean animals. We first sort the ones we can identify or not (if you have readers, I recommend making a second set and cutting off the words so it is just the picture). Then, we learn the names of the animals we don’t know and practice pronouncing them – some of them are tricky!

We keep the cards up and around throughout our unit to further build vocabulary and knowledge, and we often use these cards as a starting point to lead us in further research to learn about these animals!

These Ocean Animal Vocabulary Cards have the name of the animal at the top and a real picture below the name.

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Ways to Use the Vocabulary Cards

Here are some of my favorite ways to use these ocean animal vocabulary cards in the classroom:

  • Writing Center – Students can copy the animals’ names or use them to create a story.
  • Research Starters – Kids can pick an animal card to take home and look for some information about the animal with their parents.
  • Group Projects – Give students a card to share with a small group of 3-4. They can use books or the computer (with adults) to look for interesting facts about the animal.
  • Generate Questions – Have kids inquire about the animals. What are they wondering? Record their questions.
We lay the cards out so that we can clearly read the ocean animal names and pictures.

With these vocabulary cards, the possibilities are endless! No matter how you use them, they are great to have on hand if you are studying ocean animals.

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Ocean Animal Vocabulary Cards

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