New Year’s Pattern Block Activity

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January is almost here and I like to welcome my students back from winter break with some fun, hands-on learning activities to get us back in the swing of things. This free New Year’s Pattern Block Activity is the perfect way to celebrate the new year in Pre-K and Kindergarten! It’s low-prep (teacher win!), versatile, and super fun!

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This free New Year's Pattern Block Activity is the perfect way to ring in the new year with your students. Add it to your math centers today!

New Year’s Pattern Block Activity

Sometimes after a long break, students need extra engaging activities as they readjust to the normal day-to-day routines at school. This pattern block activity will have your students excited to work on shapes and strategy!

These printables are easy to prep for an interactive math center activity you can have ready in no time!

Start by deciding how you want to prep the activity. You can print the pages in color OR black and white (both options included!). I also recommend laminating the printables or sliding them into a sheet protector. This will make them durable and longer lasting which is especially important for center activities!

Grab some pattern blocks and you’re ready to play!

Print the New Year's pictures and grab some pattern blocks for an easy-to-prep math center activity.

Ways to Play

This pattern block activity offers lots of options for play making it perfect for differentiation and meeting the needs of all my kiddos!

We usually start by building directly on the activity mats. Students build the shapes like a puzzle on top of the New Year’s-themed pictures.

This is the perfect way to introduce the activity before adding it to our math centers!

Students start by building the New Year's pictures directly on the pattern block activity mats.

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After the kids become familiar with the shapes, as a fun challenge, they can build the New Year’s items on their own on the blank “Builder’s Mat” using the pictures as a guide.

For students ready for an even bigger challenge, I introduce the “Challenge Cards.” These cards are not sized to fit with the pattern blocks so kids need to build the New Year’s pictures by sight!

The challenge cards are not sized to scale so students will build the New Year's pictures by sight.

Once the kids have mastered building the shapes using the pattern blocks in the pictures, they can do it again using their own shapes and strategy!

With so many ways to play, my students can never pick a favorite. They love them all and I know your kids will too!

Grab Your FREE Copy

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New Year\'s Pattern Block Activity


  1. This is AWESOME! I’m organizing the New Year’s Pattern Block Center and I noticed that there isn’t a LARGE Black and White for Ball Drop FYI, not sure if you noticed it or I’m looking in the wrong place. Thank you!!!

    1. Anne Marie,

      Thank you so much for letting us know! It’s all fixed now. If you download the new file it will include the black and white ball drop. 🙂 Have a great day!

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