Must-Try Strategies for Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time

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Ready to spend less time managing behaviors, engage students in meaningful, playful learning, and make Circle Time the best part of your day? Then I’ve got the perfect thing for you! Request an invite to our “Supercharge Your Circle Time” mini-course because when you join me in this training, you will get tools, resources, and printables to get you on your way to Circle Time magic. I can’t wait to share these must-try strategies for Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time with you!

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Must-Try Strategies for Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time

Circle Time is such an important part of our day in Pre-K and Kindergarten, so it deserves some special attention. I have personally tested these tips and strategies in my own classroom and I just know that both you and your students will love them!

After this mini-course, you’ll feel confident:

  • Arriving to Circle Time and starting your lesson
  • Rocking effective and playful Circle Time mini-lessons
  • Using pocket chart chants, songs, and games to keep Circle Time interactive and engaging
  • Managing tricky behaviors
  • Knowing when to push through your lesson and when to call it quits
  • Transitioning from Circle Time and extending the learning beyond the carpet
These tips and strategies are loved by both students and teachers and have been tested in my own classroom!

What’s Included?

You’ll definitely want to request an invite to this training! It includes lifetime access to all course material PLUS:

  • several FREE resources to get you started including some of my favorite Circle Time games
  • a BONUS video with attention getters for your students
  • a certificate of completion for continuing education hours (be sure to check with your district to see if this certificate will be accepted)

The best part? These strategies and resources are easy to implement and can make a difference in your Circle Time right away.

Request Your Invite!

No need to wait until next school year, request an invite today so you can “Supercharge Your Circle Time!“ Just click the large, yellow button below and have lifetime access to this course and ALL of the resources too!

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Must-Try Strategies for Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time

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