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Morning Sign-In Kindergarten Routine


A solid Kindergarten morning routine is vital to a successful day in the classroom. If students come in and there is not a structured routine in place, it can be chaotic. We all know that if the day starts chaotically, it can be challenging to regain structure. So let’s start the day right with this simple morning sign-in Kindergarten routine perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms.

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Morning Sign-In Kindergarten Routine

We always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because starting the day with a healthy meal sets your day on the right path. The same is true with a good morning routine for the classroom!

By starting the day with structure, it helps students know that when they enter the classroom it is time to focus and work. But structure doesn’t mean complicated.

Keep it simple! There is a lot that requires your attention in the mornings, so you don’t want a complicated morning routine that requires a lot of management on your part. Keep your morning routine simple so that your attention can be focused where it needs to be.

For a successful Kindergarten routine, write all of the children's names on sentence strips to model proper writing.

Keep it Simple!

When I say simple, I mean it! In my classroom, students arrive and immediately put away their backpacks. Then they go to “sign-in”!

I write all of the children’s names on sentence strips to model proper writing, and I scatter their names on a table. Students come to the table and find their name.

To keep this kindergarten routine simple, students use their name card to help them write their name on the easel.

After they’ve found their name, they proceed to the easel. Students use their name card to help them write their name on the easel with a dry erase marker. At the beginning of the year, I often just have kiddos write the first letter of their name, especially if they are new writers.

Then, students take their name and put it in a pocket chart before heading off to their next morning task.

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