Morning Circle Time Routine for Pre-K & Kindergarten

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My favorite way to start the day with my students is at Circle Time. It’s a special time for connecting and building community and an important part of our day! Maybe you agree, but need a little inspiration to kick off the day. You’ve come to the right place! Check out my fun and engaging Morning Circle Time Routine perfect for both Pre-K and Kindergarten!

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Check out my morning Circle Time routine for Pre-K & Kindergarten and start making time for building community in the classroom!

Morning Circle Time Routine for Pre-K & Kindergarten

These steps for our morning Circle Time routine are our daily start, and we move swiftly through them. It is important to remember not to keep the kids at the carpet too long or else it may feel like you’re herding cattle rather than enjoying a positive and calm start to your day.

Here’s my morning Circle Time routine!

Step #1 – Time to Gather!

When it is time to gather for Circle Time I use a calm signal like a soft bell or chimes.

As soon as I play the chimes, the students know to wrap up their morning tasks and join me at the carpet. This is an important step that we practice when we learn our morning arrival routine.

As soon as I play the chimes, the students know to wrap up their morning tasks and join me at the carpet.

Step #2 – Start the Day with a Song

I love to start our Circle Time with a morning song, chant, or poem. It immediately engages the children as we all sing or chant together.

Step #3 – Choose the Helper

After we finish our song I choose our classroom helper. This is one of my students’ favorite times of the day!

After we finish our song I choose our classroom helper with my "magic wand."

Step #4 – Individual Greetings

Every day I make it a point to greet each of my students individually. It is amazing how special and acknowledged a simple, “Good Morning, ______” can make the students feel.

Step #5 – Daily Schedule

At this point, I like to go over our schedule of the day. In an early childhood classroom it is important that students feel safe and solid in their routines. Taking time to go over our schedule allows for me to let students know if our day is going to be a little different. Maybe we are having a class party or a guest speaker.

I find that the more my students can count on our routines and the less surprises there are, the smoother the day goes!

Every morning I go over our schedule to ensure there are few surprises for the students.

Step #6 – Time for a Read Aloud!

I always make time to share my love of books with my students. I love to choose a read aloud that coordinates with a new skill we are learning or a fun, seasonal theme. Of course, I also have some of my favorite books that can be read any time of the year!

Remember that Circle Time doesn’t just have to be in the morning (especially if you keep it quick!). We love to gather all together at the carpet more than once a day!

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  1. I take my morning meeting time very seriously! I personally feel this time make or break your day in a Kindergarten classroom! After reading this blog, I have decided to try adding two components from your morning meeting schedule to mine. I loved the concept of using a calming signal to alert students that it is time for morning meeting. In addition to this, I will begin using a read aloud at the end of my morning meeting time. Thank you so much for sharing these routines with us Kindergarten teachers!

    1. Hi Ashley,

      We couldn’t agree more. Morning meeting can set the tone for the entire day. We’re so glad that you found our tips helpful. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

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