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Mitten and Snowball Color Matching Game


Do you like playing games in your classroom or at home with your children? Play this Mitten and Snowball Color Matching Game with your kids – they are sure to love it this winter! They will learn to take turns, play according to simple rules, and strengthen color recognition, too!

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Play this fun, hands-on Mitten and Snowball Color Matching Game with your kids this winter and strengthen color recognition skills!

Mitten and Snowball Color Matching Game

Color recognition is an important skill for early learners. Grab some simple supplies and you can have this super fun color matching game ready in no time!

For this activity you will need:

For this fun color matching game, we used the same felt mittens that we used for this Mitten Number Match Activity.

They were added to two trays, one color for each player. (You will need more mittens if you have more players, as everyone should have the same colors as the dice.)

A color die and a container with white pom pom “snowballs” were also added to the trays.

Grab some felt, color dice, and white pom poms for this simple color matching game.

How to Play

The rules of the game are simple! Kids take turns rolling the die and adding a snowball to the color mitten the die lands on.

If they land on a color that they already have gotten they skip a turn.

Whichever student is lucky enough to roll all the colors and has a snowball on each mitten before their opponent is the winner!

Students take turns rolling the color die and add a pom pom to the matching color mitten.

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To extend the game, you could say that each mitten must have 2 or 3 snowballs on it to win. You could also add tongs or tweezers if you want to work on fine motor skills too!

Whichever student gets a pom pom into every color mitten first wins!

I hope you love this simple color matching game, with a winter twist! It’s perfect for the colder weather and super fun too!

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