Math and Literacy Clip Cards for January

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Winter is here, and I love having ready-to-go, hands-on activities for our math and literacy time! This January Clip Card Set includes 159 cards to get your students working on important math and reading skills (while building up their fine motor skills too!).

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Math and Literacy Clip Cards for January

The clip cards in this January resource pack have colorful, engaging pictures your students will love! But we also included black and white versions of the clip cards in the download. These are great to use in place of colored ink, or even as a recording sheet, having your students color their responses after completing the cards.

Let’s check out some of the fun activities included!

CVC Words

Kick off the clip card fun with these CVC word cards! Students find and clip the word that matches the picture in the snowball.

The best part is, at this point in the year, all 5 vowels are included, which makes this a set that can truly last all winter!

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Beginning Blends

As we are becoming readers, we are working hard not only on CVC words, but also on learning to recognize two consonant blends at the beginnings of words.

These cards really focus on students listening to the sounds they hear while saying the name of the picture, and clipping the blend that represents that sound.

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Sight Words

Sight words are so important, and make up more than half of what we read!

These sight word cards (which are fully editable too – you can type in whatever words you need!) work on helping students recognizing words by clipping the match.

clip cards

Teen Numbers

Oh those tricky teens! We are working hard on realizing that teen numbers are made up of “10 and some more.” In addition to playing our fun penguin teen number game, we use these clip cards to build that understanding!

There are two options. The first is to clip the equation that matches the 20 frame, solidifying the idea that a teen number is 10 plus some more. The second option is to clip the matching teen number. This gives you some options for differentiating, depending on what your students need.

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Addition and Subtraction

We are always working on building up our number sense, and now we are developing it even more by building up our addition and subtraction skills!

These clip cards work with addition to 10 and subtraction within 5.  Students read the equation and clip the answer.

I typically provide manipulatives or number lines as a tool to help them solve the equations.

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Grab Your Copy

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