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Math and Literacy Clip Cards for February


February is here and, as always, big learning is happening every day in the classroom! After working hard learning how to use our clip cards, we are ready to break out the February set! This February Clip Card Set includes 208 cards to get your students working on math and reading skills while simultaneously building up their fine motor skills!

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These math and literacy clip cards are perfect for Kindergarten students in February! Work on important skills and build up fine motor too!

Math and Literacy Clip Cards for February

The clip cards in this February resource pack have colorful, engaging pictures your students will love! But we also included black and white versions of the clip cards in the download. These are great to use in place of colored ink, or even as a recording sheet, having your students color their responses after completing the cards.

Let’s check out some of the fun activities included!

Ending Digraphs

My kids are becoming pretty comfortable with identifying digraphs, particularly in the beginning of words. However, it is important for readers to understand that they will encounter them throughout words as well, and not just at the beginning.

These ending digraph cards show simple pictures for students to name, and then find and clip the digraph that represents their ending sound. It’s great for identification and hearing sounds in words, which transfers over to their writing!

Ending digraph clip cards - so fun and work on fine motor skills too!

Beginning Blends

We are working hard on consonant blends! As my kids build up their CVC reading fluency, we are also working on CCVC fluency and being able to read consonant blends.

In this set they name the picture and clip the letters that represent the beginning blend.

beginning blends clip cards - these are so fun and they work on fine motor skills too!

CVC Words

Mastering CVC words is a huge part of our year, and this clip card set changes things up a bit from previous months!

Instead of looking at the picture and clipping the word, now students must really decode the word and find its matching picture.

This is a bit more of a challenge as it involves more decoding up front! We are ready for it though!

cvc decoding clip cards. Read the word and find the matching picture!

Sight Words

Sight words make up a huge portion of what we read each day, so we know it is so important to practice them!

These sight word cards (which are fully editable too – you can type in whatever words you need!) work on helping students recognizing words by clipping the match.

EDITABLE sight word clip cards for February - add any words you want!

Comparing Numbers

Sometimes number order can be a tricky thing for kids to master. Truly understanding greater than, less than, and equal to is another challenge altogether!

These cards give kids practice with those mathematical symbols in a hands-on, themed way!

work on number order with these February themed math clip cards!

Number Bonds, Addition, and Subtraction

We really stepped it up a notch this month with our math concepts by introducing number bonds and missing addends. These are challenging things but this hands-on, fun approach makes them feel like a game!

From clipping the missing addend in a number bond, to finding the missing sum of 10 or answering a subtraction equation, young mathematicians are building up their math skills and having fun doing it!

Math clip cards for February! Number bonds, sums of 10, subtraction and more!

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