Lucky Ducks Alphabet Match

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My kids love animals and matching games so I just knew they would be excited for a fun, themed alphabet match activity! This free Lucky Ducks Alphabet Match can be used multiple ways. It will provide tons of hands-on learning fun as your early learners match uppercase and lowercase letters!

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This FREE printable Lucky Ducks Alphabet Match for Pre-K & Kindergarten is perfect for a fun farm theme in your springtime literacy centers!

Lucky Ducks Alphabet Matching Game

This printable Lucky Ducks Alphabet Matching Game is great for Pre-K & Kindergarten. It’s the perfect addition for a fun farm theme in your springtime literacy centers. And it’s so easy to prep!

Begin by printing your game on cardstock and laminating for added durability and reuse. Then simply cut your cards apart. I used a paper slicer to make it even faster.

Multiple Ways to Play

I love when you can use one printable in a variety of ways. This keeps it exciting for kids and gives them plenty of practice working on important literacy skills.

Here are a few ideas of how to use this alphabet match in your own classroom:

Alphabet Matching Center

As a warm up activity, lay the cards face up and in small groups students can work together to find the matching uppercase and lowercase letters. They can set the matches aside until they have found the matches for all 26 letters of the alphabet.

This is a great way to work on general matching skills before introducing additional ways to play.

Print the matching cards on cardstock and laminate for durability and reuse.


Now that the kids know what matches they are looking for, you can play this game like the classic “Memory” game.

Simply mix up your cards and lay them in rows, face down.

Still in small groups, each player will take turns flipping over two cards. If they are a match they can collect the cards in their pile and get a bonus turn. If they don’t get a match they simply flip the cards back over and watch for matches during the other players’ turns.

The player with the most alphabet matches at the end of the game is the winner, also known as the “Lucky Duck.”

In this game, students match the uppercase letters to their lowercase matches.

Go Fish

Another way to enjoy this activity is to play like it is “Go Fish.”

Start by mixing up the cards and placing them in a stack.

Deal 4 cards to each player.

The first player looks at his/her cards and asks one other player if they have that letter. If they do, they must hand over the card. If they don’t have the match they say, “Go Fish” and the player must draw a card from the pile.

For a fun way to stick with the duck theme of the game, players can make a quack sound to indicate that they don’t have the alphabet match instead of saying, “Go Fish.”

The player with the most matches at the end of the game is the winner!

Kids continue to play until they have matched all letters in the alphabet.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Are you ready to start matching? Then grab your free Lucky Ducks Alphabet Match by clicking on the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable

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