Letter D Craft – D is for Dinosaur

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My kids are loving doing letter crafts as part of our hands-on approach to learning the alphabet, and just like most kids, they are obsessed with dinosaurs. So, when thinking up a new craft for the letter d, I thought a “D is for Dinosaur” letter d craft would be a perfect fit!

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This "d is for dinosaur" project is a fun letter craft for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are learning their letters and sounds!

Letter D Craft – D is for Dinosaur

We pick our letter crafts by focusing on the related sound and how the children can create a connection between the shape and sound of that letter to the craft.

A dinosaur is tough, and making the /d/ sound involves baring your teeth. We enjoyed really scrunching up our faces as we emphasized the “D” for dinosaur. It’s a ferocious sound perfect for a ferocious creature.

Other options for letter “d” crafts are ducks, dandelions, dogs, or donuts. We previously did a “D is for Donuts” craft and a “David’s Harp” craft with my former children’s ministry.

For this letter d craft, all you need is construction paper, bingo dabbers, glue, scissors, and googly eyes.

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How to Make the Dinosaur Letter Craft

First, gather your materials:

I had my daughter help me cut “scales” for the dinosaurs and she made those cool rick-rack edges, but triangles would be great too.

I cut out the “d” shapes and then had my group decorate them, as they are not yet ready for advanced scissor cutting.

Present the blank “d” along with the other materials and encourage your kids to decorate their dinosaurs!

Have the children arrange their scales, eyes, and any distinguishing marks however they like, making yourself available to help with glue or any frustrating developments in the crafting process.

Each letter d craft will be a unique and colorful dinosaur.

When you are done crafting, talk to the children about their dinosaurs. Do they have names? What kinds of sounds do their dinosaurs make? What kind of dinosaur is it?

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Letter D Craft - D is for Dinosaur

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