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Ladybug Syllable Count and Clip Cards


I have a thing for ladybugs. I can’t explain it – they’re just so cute! I’m always glad when spring rolls around, and it’s ladybug time again. It means it’s time to add some insect-themed learning fun into our lessons. These free Ladybug Syllable Count and Clip Cards have a fun spring ladybug theme that your students will love!

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Practice counting syllables with these free Ladybug Syllable Count and Clip Cards! This activity also includes a recording sheet!

Ladybug Syllable Count and Clip Cards

Do you and your students love ladybugs like I do? My twins are much warier of insects than I am, but even they seem to have taken the cue that ladybugs are special. I just knew they would love these syllable count and clip cards!

This activity includes 16 cards, with 4 words each. To get enough multi-syllabic words, I used a mixture of first and second grade sight words. If you’re using these in a first grade classroom, you could partner low and high readers together for this activity.

This Ladybug Count and Clip Activity includes 16 cards with 4 words each.

Time to Prep and Play!

Prep for this activity is easy! To start, you’ll need some clothespins. Print your copy of the free ladybug syllable count and clip cards (download below), and laminate them for durability and reuse all season long. Add the cards and clothespins to a small basket and you are all set!

To play, students will count the number of dots on the ladybug, and then choose the word that has that number of syllables. They clip a clothespin to the correct answer, then write that word on the recording sheet. Simple and fun!

Kids can work with partners to solve these ladybug clip cards. They can read the words aloud to each other, and make sure they agree on the number of syllables. Then, they can take turns clipping the correct answer. Once they’re done, they can each write the words on their own recording sheet.

To play, students will count the number of dots on the ladybug, and then clip the word that has that number of syllables.

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My kids were definitely excited to get their hands on these clip cards. Isabella went through all of them a second time, just to have an excuse to clip them again! I had the girls read each word aloud, and they counted syllables on their fingers.

My girls have pretty good word analysis skills but are still using invented spelling most of the time. I’m okay with that for now (they’re in first grade), but I know that paying attention to chunking words can help their spelling skills in the long run.

Chunking longer sight words into syllables can also help with reading accuracy. When students attend to all the parts of a word, they start to notice its phonetic pattern. Because of this, they make fewer “guessing” type mistakes.

After students find the answer, they write the word on the Ladybug Syllables recording sheet.

I hope these syllable count and clip cards are an engaging activity for your kiddos. The hands-on aspect is sure to make syllable counting more fun. Plus, how could you go wrong with ladybugs?!

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Ready to start counting and clipping syllables? Grab your free copy of the Ladybug Syllable Clip Cards by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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