Labels for Organizing Student Work in the Classroom

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Between centers, small groups, independent work, and assessments, there are a ton of papers flying around a Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom. That’s why organization is so important. So how do you keep student work organized? I have the perfect solution for you! These free, super low-prep labels for organizing student in work in the classroom will make your day!

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Grab these free labels for organizing student in work in the classroom. You will love how low-prep and super useful they are!

Labels for Organizing Student Work in the Classroom

You know that in the midst of centers and small groups, the last thing you want to think about is all of those papers!

Where do they go? Who is finished? What needs to be graded? What if someone doesn’t finish their work before we need to move on to something else?

It can be a lot to manage; especially if you are trying to lead small groups during that time. But I found a simple solution that works wonders and doesn’t take any extra work from you.

All Done/Still Working Labels

When students are finished with something during centers or group work time, they put it in the "All Done" bin.

The solution I came up with is so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner! Labels! I recommend printing these labels on cardstock and laminating for durability!

When kiddos are working I have two bins around the room. One says “All Done” and the other says “Still Working.” That’s it!

Kiddos know (after some extensive practice and training) that when they are finished with something during centers or group work time, they put it in the “All Done” bin. I can then look at the papers whenever I have a moment. But if students need more time to work on something, they simply put it in the “Still Working” bin and can continue with it during the next work session.

What About Independent Work?

Use these labels for organizing student work on folders for students to store independent work.

This strategy not only works for group work, but with a simple modification, the same system is ideal for independent work!

Instead of bins, I give each student two folders for their work. You can use colored folders like I did, but you don’t have to. Any folders would work just fine!

Just put the labels “All Done” and “Still Working” on the folders and train your kiddos how to file their work in their folders.

Just print and laminate these labels for organizing student work for added durability.

Grab Your FREE Labels for Organizing Student Work!

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  1. The labels are a nice addition to my home child care program to keep the schoolagers’ work organized throughout the week. I think this will be so much better than grabbing the work from a backpack daily as it also serves as a visual of what they have accomplished and what they need to work on next to stay on track of assignments. I’m glad you shared this!

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