Ice Cream CVC Word Match Activity

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream is a fun treat when it’s hot outside. It’s also the perfect learning theme for the end of the school year when the weather heats up. This free Ice Cream CVC Word Match Activity incorporates short vowel sounds written out in words and their corresponding pictures. Your kids will love working to master fluency while matching CVC words with this super fun, printable activity!

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Work on reading short vowel words with this free Ice Cream CVC Word Match Activity! It's perfect for Kindergarten and first grade!

Ice Cream CVC Word Match Activity

This hands-on, CVC word match activity includes a printable recording sheet filled with 15 ice cream cones. Each ice cream cone has a CVC (consonant vowel consonant) word on it. This activity also includes a printable page of 15 ice cream scoops.  Each scoop contains one CVC picture on it.

Use this activity as a literacy center, a small group activity, or a partner game where one child can flip the cards and they can work together to find the correct ice cream cone on their recording sheets.

This CVC word match activity includes a printable recording sheet and 15 ice cream scoops with CVC word pictures on it.

How to Prep

To prep, print both ice cream CVC word match activity pages (download below) and cut the ice cream scoops apart on the dotted lines.

I printed the ice cream cone recording sheet on regular white printer paper but I chose to print the ice cream scoops on colored cardstock. The cardstock adds extra durability to the scoops of ice cream but you could also laminate them. This is especially helpful because you can keep the scoops of ice cream for the next time the activity is played and just print new recording sheets!

Teacher Tip: You can also laminate the ice cream cone recording sheet or place it in a dry erase pocket sleeve. The kids can use a dry erase marker to color. When all the ice cream cones are colored in, wipe the page clean so it’s ready to be used again.

To make this activity reusable, place the recording sheet in a dry erase pocket sleeve. The kids can use a dry erase marker to color.

How to Play the CVC Word Matching Game

To play, begin by putting the ice cream scoop cards into a pile face down. Flip a card over and say the name of the picture on it. Find the same word on the ice cream cone recording sheet. Color in that ice cream cone.

For example, if the ice cream scoop that has the web on it is flipped, say “w – e – b.”  Stretch the word out to fully hear 3 separate sounds within the word. Find the word written on the ice cream cone page. Color the cone with the word “web” on it.

Continue this same process of flipping one card, stretching the sounds in the word, and coloring in the corresponding ice cream cone until all of the cones are colored.

To make this CVC word match activity self-correcting, write the correct word on the back of each ice cream scoop.  If you are playing this way, do not pile the cards face down. Instead, pile the cards face up, so the back of the cards are not seen.

Students pick an ice cream scoop card and color the matching CVC ice cream cone on the recording sheet.

Another option for differentiation is to write just the middle vowel sound on the back of the card. If the child is having a hard time figuring out which CVC word matches the picture, they can flip it to the back. So, if the picture had a map on it, the letter “a” would be on the back of the card. This would narrow the options and make it easier to pick from the 3 ice cream cones that have “a” in the middle of the words.

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  1. I love these activities, but found that some of my kids just colored them regardless of whether they read them or not, and then they got done so quickly, because they hadn’t really done the required work. To avoid this, I print these are white paper, and then I color each “scoop” behind the picture a different color, and the kids know they have to color it the matching color. I also do it in a specific color pattern so it is easy to correct.

    1. Hi Sue! This comment slipped by me, but I am so glad you found a way to differentiate for your kiddos that needed it! 🙂 What a great idea, I am glad they enjoyed it!

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