Ice Cream Beginning Digraph Sort

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Do your kids love ice cream as much as mine? If I mention ice cream in the classroom, there is a sort of instant excitement! Lately, we have been all about ice cream-themed learning fun, so this free Ice Cream Beginning Digraph Sort was the perfect activity to work on sorting sounds!

*Pair with our Blends and Digraphs Centers and Activities for Kindergarten!

Work on identifying beginning digraph sounds with your early readers with this fun and free Ice Cream Beginning Digraph Sort!

Ice Cream Beginning Digraph Sort

After learning our individual letters and sounds (often simultaneously, depending on each child’s needs) we are ready to tackle those tricky digraphs or two letters together that make a new sound.

The four main digraphs that we focus on first are sh, ch, th, and wh. To remember what they look like and what sound they make at the beginning of words takes time and practice, so this game was just what we needed!

This activity includes ice cream bowls with 4 different digraphs:n sh, ch, th, and wh.

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How to Play

I recommend printing the pieces on cardstock for sturdiness. I also laminate them for extra durability because this game is always popular in our literacy centers!

After cutting apart the ice cream digraph bowls and picture scoops, we began the game. We set the bowls out in a line and added the 12 ice cream scoops to a small basket in the middle of the table. There are 3 picture scoops for each digraph bowl.

We each took turns picking up a scoop and saying the name of the picture on it, stressing its beginning sound a bit to hear the digraph. “Cherry… ch, ch, cherry.”

After deciding what digraph made that sound, we placed the scoop “in” its corresponding bowl.

Students will pick an ice cream scoop picture card and sort it onto the bowl with the matching beginning digraph.

We kept playing until all the scoops were sorted!

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Ice Cream Beginning Digraph Sort

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