How to Change a Classroom Routine in Pre-K & Kindergarten

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At the beginning of the school year, almost immediately, we start teaching the routines and procedures that we want to establish in our classrooms. We go over and over these routines to make sure that our year goes smoothly. Our students need the structure and reliability that routines and procedures give them. But… sometimes things change and if you’ve been wondering how to change a classroom routine in Pre-K and Kindergarten, then this tip is for you!

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In Pre-K and Kindergarten, routines and consistency are important. Here's how to change a classroom routine to make it even more effective!

How to Change a Classroom Routine in Pre-K & Kindergarten

In Pre-K and Kindergarten, routines and consistency are important but we also need to be flexible!

As we move through the year, things can shift and change in our classroom schedules or environments. We get new students, our school may have a new procedure or a new route to the cafeteria suddenly, etc. Or, maybe you taught a routine at the beginning of the year, it’s actually going well… but you just really hate it (that’s okay!).

Sometimes we have to change things up and that’s okay too! So how do we change a routine for our students without throwing them off or messing things up? 

Similar to the way that we taught the routine – we can change the routine!

When schedules change we need to be flexible and sometimes that means changing our classroom routines.

Practice Makes Progress!

Let’s say you want to change your line-up procedure. You can say, “We usually line up like this – but I would like to try a new way. Will you help me see if it works for our class?”

If your class is like mine, I’m sure that you will immediately have lots of helpful volunteers who are more than willing to help. You know who they are!

So now that you’ve introduced the new classroom routine for your students – try it and practice it over and over JUST like you did at the beginning of the year for any other routine.

Classroom routines like lining up can be changed with lots of patience and practice.

Just remember, this will take time and changing your classroom routine should be done sparingly!

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How to Change a Classroom Routine in Pre-K & Kindergarten

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