Heart Beginning Blends Puzzles

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Love is in the air – a love of reading that is! We are definitely becoming stronger readers every day. From learning our letter sounds to blending sounds together to form words, learning to read is truly an amazing process. We have had a lot of fun with our heart-themed beginning sound match, but some of my kids are ready to work on blends, so these free Heart Beginning Blends Puzzles are the perfect challenge!

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These free Heart Beginning Blends Puzzles are a fun, hands-on Valentine's Day literacy activity for Kindergarten!

Heart Beginning Blends Puzzles

Getting these beginning blends puzzles ready is super easy. Just print them out on cardstock and laminate them to keep them durable for repeated use!

After they are laminated, cut out the hearts, and then cut them in half so that you have one set of pieces with blends and a set of pieces with pictures.

There are 18 puzzles total covering r, s, and l blends.

We started by spreading the blends pieces out in front of us and adding the picture cards to a small basket before matching.

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How to Play

I started out by using these puzzles in our small groups. We first spread the blends pieces out in a line in front of us and then added the picture cards to a small basket.

Then, we took turns picking up a blend card and reading it, stretching out each sound slowly and then saying it faster, blending the sounds together smoothly.

“s/w… sw… Where is a picture that starts with the sound /sw/?” So off we went to hunt for a picture with that beginning blend. “Swan!” Once we found it, we paired them up.

Teacher Tip: You can make these puzzles self-correcting for kids to match up on their own by writing the corresponding blend on the back of the picture cards for them to check.

To play, we matched the picture cards with the correct beginning blend puzzle pieces.

We kept taking turns pulling cards and reading blends until all of the puzzles had been matched!

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Heart Beginning Blends Puzzles

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