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Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids


Children need snacks to keep their tummies full and to fuel their minds and bodies. All too often a snack comes out of a packet and is full of sugar and salt. It’s actually quite easy to find quick and healthy snacks that kids will love! These healthy (and tasty!) Valentine’s Day snacks for kids are perfect for February!

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Looking for snacks that are tasty AND healthy too? These Valentine's Day snacks for kids are sure to be a hit and are perfect for February!

Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids

It is a great idea to think of a snack as a ‘mini meal’ with a bit of all food groups, including protein and even some fat. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, and nuts are a great place to start!

Did you know that most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables? Ultimately we’re aiming for half of what we eat to be fruits and vegetables. Most children aren’t too keen on this. I see childhood as a training ground. As parents or teachers, we want to teach children to like fruits and vegetables. We need to get them used to the idea of eating them frequently.

When we present children with snacks, a really easy idea is just to add some extra fruit. For example, if you’re used to giving your children a packet of biscuits/crackers/cookies, you could give them 1 or 2 (depending on size) and then some cut-up apples or pears to go along. You’ll be surprised that they often eat the fruit first!

Parents and teachers often love to have some fun, themed snacks for the holidays!

Here are some cute, healthy Valentine’s Day snacks that your kids or students will love:

Apple Heart Flowers from Red Ted Art

Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Bites from My Fussy Eater

Pink Pops from Cutting Tiny Bites

Sweetheart Smoothie from Cutting Tiny Bites

Valentine’s Bento Box from Red Ted Art

Valentine’s Lunch Idea from Red Ted Art

Sweet Potato Heart Biscuits from Cutting Tiny Bites

Heart-Shaped Pita Chips and Hummus from Meaningful Mama

Valentine Snack Mix from Cutting Tiny Bites

Love Heart Biscuits from In the Play Room

Mango Strawberry Smoothie from Everyday Savvy

English Muffin Pizzas from Eats Amazing

Strawberry Granola Yoghurt Bites from Eats Amazing

Simple snacks like strawberries can be a fan favorite with your kids!

More Healthy Snacks for Any Time!

Looking for more healthy and tasty snacks? These are not Valentine-themed but you could easily make them into heart shapes!

Hummus and vegetables sticks – Cut up cherry tomatoes into little hearts.

Healthy Apple and Yoghurt Snack – Present it in a heart bowl or use red apples in the shape of a heart.

Apple Spice Muffins – These are super easy to make with kids! You could use heart-shaped muffin molds to have cute little heart muffins.

If you present your children with healthy options throughout the day, you won’t be so stressed about them eating their vegetables at dinner time!

*Guest post by Dr. Orlena Kerek of Snotty Noses

Dr. Orlena Kerek is a pediatric doctor and mother of 4 young children. She writes at SnottyNoses about connecting with your kids and teaching them how to live a healthy life, especially healthy eating habits!

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