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Halloween Beginning Sounds Activity


This free Halloween Beginning Sounds Activity is the perfect way to work on identifying beginning sounds this Halloween season. Each ghost needs help finding the correct grave, but the only clue they can give you is the beginning sound. Can your little readers help all 26 ghosts?

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Grab this free Halloween Beginning Sounds Activity for your Kindergarten literacy centers! This easy-prep activity will be an instant hit!

Halloween Beginning Sounds Activity

Prep for this activity is simple! Just print the game pieces and cut them apart. No color printer at your school? No problem. This printable comes in ink-saving black and white!

But if you would like a pop of color you can print your cards on colored card stock. After you print your cards, simply cut them apart. I used a paper slicer to cut mine even faster.

You can even laminate the pieces for extra durability and reuse year after year!

Print the cards on cardstock for durability and laminate for reuse in your literacy centers.

How to Play

Before we start the activity, I love to build up the excitement to help engage my little learners. I gather them and say, “These ghosts got lost, and can’t find their graves. But, they can tell you one hint. They are going to tell you the very first sound of the picture on their grave. Use the clues to help them find their way back.”

Students choose a ghost letter card and find the matching beginning sound gravestone card.

Then I will show them an example. I will choose a ghost card. In my best ghost voice, I will repeat the sound on the card. I model saying the words on the graves and checking for the beginning sound as I look for the correct match.

This activity works well for small groups to play on a large flat surface. I chose a nice open area on the floor but a large table works great too!

The ghost cards have letters while the gravestone cards have fun pictures to match with their letter beginning sounds cards.

More Ways to Play

This game can also be played like Memory. You can place all of the cards upside down and take turns flipping over two cards to try to find the match. If a player finds a match, they get another turn. The player with the most matches at the end of the game is the winner.

This beginning sounds activity can also be played as a matching game.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Are you ready to practice letter sounds? Grab your free Halloween Beginning Sounds Activity by clicking on the large, yellow download button at the end of this post!

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