Fruity Photo Frame Summer Craft for Kids

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This Fruity Photo Frame Summer Craft for Kids is a fun, no-mess project that is perfect for creating summer-themed keepsakes! The fruit designs are easy for kids to create using color-coding labels and markers. These photo frames make a great homemade gift for family members and friends or a beautiful summertime display in the classroom!

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This Fruity Photo Frame Summer Craft for Kids makes a great homemade gift or a beautiful summertime bulletin board display in the classroom!

Fruity Photo Frame Summer Craft for Kids

This easy-prep, summer craft is perfect for all ages from little ones all the way up to big kids. With just a few inexpensive supplies your kids can make a fruit-themed photo frame to capture their favorite summertime memories! Let’s grab our supplies and get started!

Supplies Needed:

This summer craft for kids uses just a few simple supplies - cardstock, markers, scissors, and stickers.

How to Make the Fruity Photo Frame

To begin, gather your materials and invite your child to fold the sheet of cardstock paper in half.

Use a pencil to draw a guideline for your child to cut.

After that, your child can use safety scissors to carefully cut out the center of the frame, as shown below.

Have students cut out the center of the photo frame that has been traced ahead of time.

Next, open the folded frame and lay it on a flat surface.

While the labels are still on the sheet, use the scissors to cut the green and pink color-coding labels in half.

Invite your child to place the color-coding labels onto the photo frame however they would like.

The kids can attach the stickers to the frames wherever they like.

When the stickers are attached to the frame, your child can use the fine-tip markers to add the details to the fruit, as shown.

For the pineapples, use brown marker to draw the crosshatch design onto the yellow color-coding label, and green marker to add the leaves on top.

For the watermelons, your child can add a green outline under the curve of the color-coding label and add some black dots for seeds.

Use a green marker to add the segments, seeds, and peel to make the limes.

To finish this summer craft for kids, draw details on the stickers to create the fruit.

Finally, attach a photo to the back of the frame. You can mail your frame to faraway family or friends or create a fun, summertime bulletin board in the classroom!

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