Free Printable Summer Reading Logs

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Whether you are a teacher or a parent, I am sure you have heard of the “summer slide.” In case you haven’t, it’s when kids spend their summer break from school doing fun things without incorporating some sort of mind-strengthening activities. With at least two months away from school, if kids don’t use their brains in substantial ways, the momentum that they had during school can decrease significantly. That is where resources like these FREE Printable Summer Reading Logs come into place!

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Grab these free printable Summer Reading Logs and create a fun incentive to keep your kids reading all summer long!

Printable Summer Reading Logs

Now I know, when we hear summer “break” we want our kids to actually be able to take a break. They need to go outside and soak up the sun, play in the pool, and spend days laying in the grass or hitting around the ball. Summer break should be one long vacation, I completely agree. That doesn’t mean that some brain-strengthening activities can’t occur.

A Few Summer Break Learning Tips…

Try mixing in reading with lounging by the pool or if your kids get to stay up a little longer during the summer than school nights, have them read during that time. Reading is a fabulous, fun, and brain-encouraging activity that almost everyone loves.

If you are a teacher, this is the perfect packet to send home with your students.

Encourage them to read as much as they can over the summer. Maybe even send home a reminder letter for parents explaining just how quickly “summer slide” can occur and how beneficial reading can be.

Each day after reading, kids can color a fun summer item like the suns on the May reading log.

These summer reading logs are perfect for giving an extra incentive to keep little brains sharp. For some kids coloring in each picture might be enough of an incentive. I suggest switching up the coloring tools each month to add even more engagement. Crayons are a classic but skinny markers and colored pencils are fun too!

If coloring isn’t exciting enough, you can offer a little extra motivation. For example, once your kids fill the whole month up maybe you’ll take them to the water park or to get ice cream. Sometimes kiddos on summer break might need a little extra “oomph” to stay motivated.

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Each monthly log has a space for kids to write their name and daily goal.

Using the Summer Reading Logs

Each printable comes with a different monthly theme. The themes include suns, beach balls, flip flops, popsicles, and sand buckets (not in that order). The month is listed on the top of the page so there is no confusion. There is also a space for the child to write their name and their daily reading goal!

This goal is meant to be focused on challenging the specific child. What may be a challenge for one child could be easy for another. Try to encourage children to read a bit more than usual! This can also change throughout the summer. I would suggest starting with one amount of time or a specific number of books and increasing the amount as the months pass.

Each monthly reading log includes the correct number of coloring objects to correspond with the days of that month. For example, there are 31 suns on the May printable and 30 beach balls on the June printable. This takes all of the prep work out of it for you!

Every month, hang the printable somewhere where both you and your child(ren) can see it each day as a simple reminder and hopefully a simple piece of encouragement!

The July reading log includes fun beach buckets for kids to color as they reach their daily reading goal.

Reading should not be a chore, but some children like reading more than others. There is nothing wrong with providing a little incentive to make reading fun for your kids!

Grab Your FREE Copy

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Free Printable Summer Reading Logs


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