FREE Name Chants and Songs for Pre-K & Kindergarten

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We love using name chants and songs in the classroom. Not only are they fun, they really help us learn and use each other’s names (plus work on some other important skills they don’t even know we are practicing). These Free Name Chants and Songs for Pre-K & Kindergarten are sure to have your students excited for circle time!

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These FREE Name Chants and Songs for Pre-K & Kindergarten are sure to have your students excited to practice important skills like rhyming!

Name Chants and Songs for Pre-K & Kindergarten

A big part of Pre-K and Kindergarten is being a good friend. And one of the ways we can be a good friend is by learning each other’s names. Name chants and songs are my favorite way to learn new friends’ names.

Plus, kiddos don’t even realize they are practicing other important Pre-K and Kindergarten skills like rhyming!

Use these fun and simple name chants and songs in a similar way to our Cookie Name Game!

These name chants are similar to our super fun Cookie Name Game.

Hickety Pickety Bumblebee

Hickety Pickety Bumblebee is a super cute name chant your class will love because it lets your kiddos get up and move!

Choose one of your students to start and fill their name into the chant. Have the whole class say the student’s name in the way specified (whispered, stomped, shouted, clapped), and then allow that student to pick a new friend to go next.

Being animated and excited goes a long way in these chants and songs for Pre-K and Kindergarten! It really helps to keep your kiddos engaged.

Willoughby Wallaby Woo

Willoughby Wallaby Woo is a big hit with my students. Kiddos love this name chant, because it is so silly and fun! And I really like this one, because it encourages students to use their listening and rhyming skills.

Secretly choose a student for the chant and have the class repeat the chant with you. When it comes time for the secret student to be revealed you create a word that rhymes with the student’s name but starts with W (Bella would be Wella, Xavier would be Wavier, etc.). Kiddos will then guess which member of the class you are talking about.

It seems obvious to us, but this can be tricky for some of your early learners.

This free pack of Name Chants and songs for Pre-K & Kindergarten includes three separate super fun chants.

Who Took the Cookie is another fan favorite because it allows one individual student to have a more active role in the chant. Of course, the whole class gets to participate as well, but one kiddo at a time has the spotlight role of being the cookie snatcher!

Like all chants and songs for Pre-K & Kindergarteners, you will have to teach this to your students. They need to hear it a few times. They need to hear the pace and the rhythm and learn when it’s the teacher’s part of the chant and when it is their turn to respond.

In this chant, you will start by choosing one student. You will insert their name into the chant, and they will take on the role of the cookie snatcher. At the end of the chant, that student will select the next student to be the cookie snatcher.

Remember, that you only want to do these chants three or four times in one sitting. I understand the desire to go through the entire class so no one feels left out, but they don’t have the attention span for that. If you spread this out over a week or so, choosing a few students each day, you will keep kiddos engaged and excited about this chant all week long!

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These Circle Time Pre-K & Kindergarten Chants are focused on important math and literacy skills.

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FREE Name Chants and Songs for Pre-K & Kindergarten


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