Free Fall Printables for Math and Literacy

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I think I have said this before but I absolutely love fall! I enjoy wearing scarves and boots, decorating, and also incorporating some seasonal learning fun into my classroom. Sometimes putting a seasonal twist on seemingly everyday learning activities can make them that much more engaging. These free fall printables give us practice with important math AND literacy skills while bringing in a bit of fall fun!

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These free fall printables provide practice with important math AND literacy skills while bringing in a bit of fall fun!

Free Fall Printables for Math and Literacy

ABC order, addition, and graphing are all important skills that we work on in Pre-K and Kindergarten. There are many ways to practice these skills but today I have for you some easy and fun activities that require almost no prep. Just print and you’re ready to play!

Let’s dive in and see what’s included!

Pumpkin ABC Order

Learning letters and sounds is a big part of learning to read! While learning letters and sounds, we also work on ABC order.

Practicing alphabetical order often starts with singing the ABCs, but we take it further by starting at random letters, or with fun cut and paste activities such as this Pumpkin ABC Order Printable!

Work on ABC order with the Pumpkin ABC Cut and Paste printable.

First, I give my students the pumpkin page for them to color and cut out the pieces. After they color and cut the pumpkins, they begin to glue them in alphabetical order on the recording page.

This activity is great for working on letter recognition as well as building up scissor skills!

This free fall printable will also help students strengthen cutting skills.

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Roll, Add, and Color

As we get faster at identifying our numbers and understanding quantity, we can start to put sets together. My kids absolutely love dice games, so I try to incorporate dice whenever I can!

This Roll, Add, and Color Game is excellent for practice with beginning addition. You can adjust the level of difficulty by using different dice as well. Use dotted dice for students needing support with counting and subitizing. Number lines are also great for extra support!

Work on addition skills with the Roll, Add, and Color printable.

Fall Graphing

Graphing can be a tricky concept! I like to make it fun and seasonal for my students when I can. The goal is for them to recognize that we can show information in different ways and that we can use graphs to learn and gather information.

In this Fall Graphing Activity, we count the fall items and color a square in their row for each one. We then talk about how the graph can show us which item is pictured most and which item is pictured least (math vocabulary that we are working on as well!).

Work on graphing skills with the Fall Count and Graph printable.

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