Free Fall Alphabet Game

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This fall we are all about adding in some new, fun learning activities to our daily routine. Learning the alphabet can be fun, especially when you practice with games. My students LOVE new games! Even if we are working on the same concept, a new game makes it all feel like a brand-new experience. This free Fall Alphabet Game is great for partners or small groups to work on letters and sounds in an engaging way. Plus, prep is quick and easy, which makes it great for teachers too!

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This free Fall Alphabet Game is great for partners or small groups to work on letters and sounds in an engaging way!

Free Fall Alphabet Game

To prepare the game, I printed out the game sheets and laminated them. You could also put them in a sheet protector or dry erase pocket sleeve, which keeps them pretty sturdy and cuts down on lamination.

Next, I got out dice and items for markers. We often use pom poms (because I have a never-ending supply I think!), but any small item you have on hand works. Fake acorns are a super fun option!

You could use fun manipulatives like fake acorns as markers in the game!

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How to Play

In partners, we started with the uppercase version. To play, we rolled the die, moved our marker, and said the name of the letter that we landed on. We took turns doing this to see who could make it to the end first!

We didn’t play the version where if you identify the letter correctly you roll again. You could play that way but I chose to have both partners help each other if anyone got stuck. So, whoever won was really just “lucky” as it was the dice roll that totally determined it.

When we finished with the uppercase game, we couldn’t wait to play the lowercase version!

We grabbed some foam dice and pom poms for markers and we were ready to play.

After playing both versions, we also challenged ourselves with another round to not just say the name of the letter, but its sound too!

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Free Fall Alphabet Game


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