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Editable Spring Sight Word Activity


Flowers are blooming and the birds are singing because spring is in the air! This spring bring some fun to your literacy centers in a whole new way with this editable Spring Sight Word Activity! You read that right… this FREE activity is EDITABLE! You get to choose any 12 words that you’d like your students to work on. Make sure you read to the end to see our 3 favorite ways to use this sight word game!

*Pair with our Spring Centers & Activities for Pre-K/Kindergarten!

This FREE Editable Spring Sight Word Activity for Kindergarten is perfect for a literacy center, partner work, or as an independent activity!

Editable Spring Sight Word Activity

This editable Spring Sight Word Activity is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms as an independent activity or for a literacy center. It’s also super fun to use for partner work!

This activity allows for customization and differentiation – you can choose any 12 words that you’d like your students to focus on! Simply type them on the custom word generator page – and it will auto-populate the flower words and recording sheet for you!

Print multiple word lists to use with small groups. You can focus on different sets of words for each group of kiddos!


  • Crayons
  • Seek a Sight Word recording sheet (download below)
  • 12 sight word flowers (download below) – laminate for repeated use

Tip: Use spring themed erasers or manipulatives to “cover up” the flowers on the recording sheet. Laminate the recording sheet or slide it into a dry erase pocket and you have a reusable literacy center!

This activity allows for customization and differentiation. Choose any 12 words that you’d like your students to focus on!

Ways to Play

The best thing about this FREE printable is… it’s EDITABLE! 

The possibilities are endless with an editable activity. You can choose to use spring themed words, spelling words, high-frequency words, Dolch words, sight words – the list goes on and on!

I am so excited for you to use this with your students and I have a few variations to share with you!

Seek a Sight Word and Color Activity

This sight word activity is a fun and easy-prep literacy center! Just download the editable file and type in your word list.

Print, laminate, and cut apart the flower words. Place the Seek a Sight Word recording sheet in your literacy center with crayons and the sight word flowers.

Students will take a flower from the pile, read it, and find/color it on the recording sheet.

The activity continues until all of the sight word flower cards have been read and colored in on the recording sheet.

Just print the Spring Sight Word Center Activity flower cards, recording sheet, and grab some crayons to get started!

Seek a Sight Word and Color Partner Race

This variation is played similarly but in pairs.

Two players share a recording sheet and each pick one color crayon that is their designated color.

Player #1 draws a card, reads the sight word, and finds/colors it on the recording sheet. Player #2 then proceeds as player #1 did.

If a player doesn’t know the sight word, they put the card at the bottom of the pile and miss their turn. The player with the most flowers colored at the end of the game is the winner.

Students will take a sight word flower card from the pile, read it, and color it on the recording sheet.

“Read the Room” Seek a Sight Word Activity

I like to scatter the sight word flowers around the classroom for the students to find. Students will use the recording sheet to color in the words as they find them.

If this activity is used in pairs, then partner #1 can hide the words around the classroom and then partner #2 finds them.

Students then take turns and switch so each child has a turn to “hide and seek.”

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready for some spring themed sight word fun? Grab your copy of this editable Spring Sight Word Activity by clicking the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable

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