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Free Editable Classroom Newsletter Template for Pre-K and Kindergarten


Communicating with parents in a Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom is key. They want to know what is going on in the classroom and with their child. Though there are many ways to share information with them (apps, webpages, emails, etc), I am a big fan of a monthly newsletter as one of the ways to communicate. This FREE Editable Classroom Newsletter Template is the perfect way to keep your Pre-K/Kindergarten students’ parents in the loop in a fun and festive way each month.

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This FREE Editable Classroom Newsletter Template is the perfect way to keep your Pre-K/Kindergarten students’ parents in the know each month.

Classroom Newsletter Template

Pre-K and Kindergarten parents want to be in the know. They want to know what’s going on in your classroom and how they can be a part of it. There are so many different ways that you can communicate with parents these days. From apps to classroom websites, text messages, phone calls, and emails, or even a good old fashion handwritten note! Honestly, I feel that all of these can be good tools and have their place and purpose in classroom communication.

Communication is Key!

I personally use the Seesaw™ app in my classroom. It’s a great way to post photos of students (parents LOVE to see their kiddos in action) and give other updates. But if there is something urgent or serious in nature, I prefer to pick up the phone and chat it out with a parent on a phone call. I love to send a handwritten note when a student does something amazing or will shoot a parent an email to answer a question they may have, etc.

But I love to send a monthly newsletter! I use it to highlight what we will be learning in class, to notify parents about upcoming and important dates (field trips, classroom celebrations, ec), and let them know about volunteer opportunities.

Editable Classroom Monthly Newsletter Templates

This free Editable Classroom Monthly Newsletter Template is the perfect resource for newsletter creation in your Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom.

Each month’s page has cute, themed graphics that will grab parents’ attention. And, the template is completely editable! So you can add text boxes, pictures, charts, or whatever else you need to make the newsletter work for you.

I like to send a hard copy home with my students each month, but I also send it digitally. I find that when I send things home in multiple ways, my chances of parents getting the information increases dramatically. 

Let me know how you use newsletters in your classroom, and send me a picture of how you made this newsletter template your own!

Grab Your Free Copy of Editable Classroom Newsletter Templates

Are you ready to get your free copy of Editable Classroom Monthly Newsletter Templates? Grab it by clicking the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable


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  1. Hi , this is a great resource. Would you be willing to make a July template for schools that operate year round?

    1. Hi there!

      That’s a great idea! I am going to add this to our request list for when we revisit this activity in the future. Until then, since this download is editable, I recommend using a different month and updating the title. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

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