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Free Alphabet Book


Learning letters and sounds takes time and practice, but it can also be fun! As you are gearing up for Back to School season, this free Alphabet Book for Pre-K & Kindergarten can give your students some additional practice with letter identification, handwriting, and beginning sounds!

*Pair with our Alphabet Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

This free Alphabet Book for Pre-K & Kindergarten will give your students practice with letter identification, printing, and beginning sounds!

Alphabet Book

Letter recognition, handwriting, and beginning sounds are skills that we practice all year long and this alphabet book covers all of them. As a bonus, it also strengthens fine motor skills as the students color their books and make them their own.

Each page provides practice with both uppercase and lowercase letters. The letters are clearly shown and there are lines for the students to practice their letter formation and handwriting. Each page also provides practice with beginning sounds by displaying two pictures for each letter. This activity is one of my favorites because it strengthens so many important skills and it’s also super easy to prep!

How to Prep

To make the alphabet book, simply print the pages back to back (download below), cut in half, and staple. This will give you two books and cut down on paper if you are making books for multiple children. I always choose this option because I save so much paper when printing for my class!

To make the alphabet book, simply print the pages back to back (download below), cut in half, and staple.

If you are making a book for just one child, consider using the extra pages in dry erase pocket sleeves for extended use and practice.

Ways to Use the Alphabet Book Printables

If you are just introducing the alphabet, I recommend using the pages individually. In our class, we start by focusing on only one letter at a time by cutting the pages in half. Instead of making a book, we use them as individual printables.

I will do this sometimes as a review, and my kids will recognize them as pages from the alphabet book, which makes them a bit more special and fun.

In our class, we start by focusing on only one letter at a time by cutting the pages in half.

Another option for using this alphabet book in the classroom is to add the printables to your literacy centers. I like to slip the individual pages into a dry erase pocket sleeve. This makes them reusable with dry erase markers. My kids LOVE dry erase markers!

Teacher Tip: We use regular as well as fine-tip markers for handwriting practice, as they are more similar to a pencil.

Slip the individual pages into a dry erase pocket sleeve to make them reusable with dry erase markers.

The dry erase pockets sleeves are large and sturdy, and you can slide pages in and out of them depending on what letter you are working on. This is a great option to save ink, paper, and get more use out of the printables!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to start mastering the alphabet? Get your free copy of the Alphabet Book by clicking the large, yellow download button below!

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13 Responses

  1. Thank you for this freebie!

    My only suggestion is with the letter “Xx”. It’s important when teaching the letter/sounds for the images to make the correct sound. The word xylophone begins with an “x” to write the word however the sound is /z/ which for early readers is very tricky to practice the “Xx” page but the image begins with a /z/ sound.

    I teach my Pre-K students the sound for “Xx” – /ks/ is said at the end of the words and use images like —- fox, mix, six, box,…

    1. Katy,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. We love hearing from fellow teachers! You make a great point. 🙂

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