Football Make 10 Math Activity

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Knowing how to make ten is an especially important addition skill because it is such a helpful problem-solving strategy. This free Football Make 10 Math Activity is a fun, engaging way to practice this skill and is sure to be a hit with your little learners!

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Work on addition and try to find sums of 10 with this super fun and free Football Make 10 Math Activity for Kindergarten! 

Football Make 10 Math Activity

Addition is one of the most foundational components of a Kindergarten math curriculum. It is important not just so students can add, but because it provides a building block for future learning. For example, understanding number bonds and how to build numbers can ease the transition from addition to subtraction.

Being able to make groups of ten can help students count large groups, solve larger addition and subtraction problems, understand place value, and more.

While you could certainly drill students with flashcards and worksheets, games are so much more fun! This low prep, printable football make 10 game allows students to practice making ten. It is easy to use, and can be played over and over again!

Materials Needed:

  • Game board (download below – color and black and white copies included)
  • Game pieces for 2 players (you can use the printable helmets included in the download or any other game pieces you may have)
  • Football matching cards or foldable dice (included in the download)

When prepping, I recommend laminating the football cards for durability and printing them on cardstock if possible so that they are not see-through. I also laminate the game board, helmet game pieces, and foldable dice so they hold up for repeated use.

This download includes the game board, football helmet game pieces, matching cards, and printable football dice.

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Ways to Play

This game is both engaging AND versatile – win-win! There are two options included in the download and two fun ways to play!

Matching Game

The first way we like to play is to use the football cards for a matching game. To play, place the football cards in rows face down. Player one then flips over two cards.

If the cards add to ten, they remove the cards and move their game piece forward one space (toward player two’s end zone).

If the cards do not add to ten, they flip them back over and it is player two’s turn.

Player two then continues in the same way and the first player to reach their opponent’s end zone wins the game!

To play as a matching game, students flip over football cards until they make 10.

Dice Game

The second option for play uses the printable football dice. Print, laminate, and cut out the dice. Then fold along the lines and glue or tape to hold the dice together. Or you could let the kids color and assemble the dice and then discuss the characteristics of a cube!

Once the dice are ready and assembled, each player should place their game piece in their end zone. If you do not want to print the helmets, simply use a regular game piece, coins, unifix cubes, or any other small manipulative.

Player one rolls both dice.

If the two numbers facing up add to ten, player one may move their game piece forward one space.

If the two numbers do not add to ten, player one does not move and it is player two’s turn.

The first player to reach their opponent’s end zone wins the game!

Teacher Tip: These printable dice are made for this game to allow for all the possible ways to make ten (except for ten and zero). A regular pair of dice will not work.

Students can roll the dice and if they make 10 they can move a space on the game board.

This game can be a fun review any time of the year, but it would be especially fun as we gear up for the Super Bowl!

I hope that your students enjoy this game, and have lots of fun playing and learning how to make ten!

*Guest Post by Bethany at Math Geek Mama

Bethany is the mom behind the blog,, a website dedicated to making math fun and engaging while building a strong conceptual understanding of mathematics. When she’s not playing with numbers, she’s loving on her four little ones, drinking way too much coffee, or soaking up the chaos of everyday life.

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