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Football Alphabet Play Dough Activity


Football season is so exciting! Football is big where we live. It doesn’t matter if it’s high school, college, or NFL, everyone seems to be a fan! I love finding ways to incorporate interests with learning. This free Football Alphabet Play Dough Activity is the perfect addition to your learning activities this fall. Practice letter recognition by building uppercase and lowercase letters while watching the big game on TV or during half-time if you don’t want to miss a second of the game!

*Pair with our Alphabet Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Practice letter recognition with this free Football Alphabet Play Dough Activity! It's a perfect hands-on literacy activity!

Football Alphabet Play Dough Activity

This printable play dough activity includes a football field play dough mat and 26 football letter cards. Each letter card includes both the uppercase and lowercase letter.

To play, simply print and laminate the play dough mat and letter cards for added durability. If you are not laminating, print everything on cardstock and use a plastic sheet protector for the play dough mat so the play dough doesn’t damage it. Then cut the football letter cards apart on the gray dotted lines.

Grab some play dough and you’re ready to start building letters!

This activity includes a football field play dough mat and 26 letter cards.

Learning with Play Dough

To play, pick a football letter card and identify the letter and sound it makes. Depending on skill level, maybe even come up with a word that begins with that letter.

Place the letter card by the football field play dough mat and build the letter by rolling the play dough out into a “snake.” This skill is not as easy as it looks and takes practice! Bend the play dough to form the letter on the card.

Pick another football letter card and play again!

Students will pick a letter card and build the letter with play dough on the football field play dough mat.

Some little learners may be working on uppercase letters only. Those kids can build only the uppercase letters on the cards. Use a dry erase marker to circle or underline the uppercase letters, or to put an ‘X’ through the lowercase letters.

If the letter cards are laminated, the dry erase marker can be erased and they can be used again in the future.

You can circle the uppercase letter on the letter card if you want students to focus only on building uppercase letters.

My favorite thing about these letter cards is that they can be used in different ways. Use them to spell out names and build them with play dough or practice sight words and CVC words the same way.

This activity can grow with the students and can be differentiated in a classroom setting according to the current learning levels!

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